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Just found this forum and it will be good to communicate with people on here that have the same and different experiences as i do. I suppose its like having road side assistance from the AA (LL).

i started before febuary and lost:

week 1- 13 lbs
week 2- 6 lbs
week 3- 5 lbs
week 4- 10 lbs
week5 - weigh in tomorrow.

The reason i lost 10lbs last week is i have been attending gym classes ccalled boot camp and this really has helped but have not been this week due to commitments so expect much less.

is this a good forum?
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This is a FANTSTIC forum!!! Best one EVER. Seriously! Great like minded people - lots and lots of support, encouragement and understanding. Non judgemental. Lunacy. Humour. Its absolutely brill. I would be lost without it myself, and while I have not "met" anyone here, I have made what I consider real friends. Its magic.

You will be so glad you are here.

How much are you wanting to lose? I would love to do some gym work and get big losses, but I still have 7.5 stones to lose and am afraid if I get to gungho, my bidy will fear starvation and go into reserves. but 10 pounds a week - thats bloody inspiring!

Anywya - welcome - dive right in! :)

My routine last week was to get up brush my teeth. Down two or three pints of water every morning. Go to work and try and do as much moving around as possible whilst having three 1.5 litre bottles on my table. I took my bar around 1 then my classes were at 7 so i had one or two shakes before plus downing a pint or one more depending how i feel. then after gym go to the sauna and lay in the jacuzzi.
When i got back in i have the last shake and as much water as i can take.
It just means i hardly think about the diet as being an inconvineince i see it more a being convenient. I hate the cliche of the gym and thats why the classes are so good nothing more inspiring than having someone watching your efforts!! Im starting to show a few of the skinny people up i think!!

still got more to go though!!
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Hi youcandoit - good to have you on board.

You're in the best place in this forum, you'll always find people happy to support you and spur you on.

Can't wait to hear how you progress with these boot camps --- sounds torturous :)
I really wanted to see the extremities of exercising on this diet and not exercising.
Last week i lost ten pounds and i did five hard sessions of fitness and this week i lost 4 pounds doing just one run. I think everyone is different but for me its proof if i exercise im going to lose more weight.

I laughed at the title of the session "boot camp" but infact it makes such a difference not exercising on your own. I feel it is vital for anyone starting exercise or continuing with it, that they are not doing it by themselves. Name me one proffesional athlete that trains by themselves?? You have to have someone guiding and pushing you other wise it is just "boring" and demotivating.

I also think you have to be motivated for it. If your mind is thinking this is the last thing you want to do today then your probably better off leaving it.

I have been reading up on floyyd mayweather recently and he sometimes trains at 5 in the morning and his attitude is one of which he is not confined to rules and regulations of routine. But he breakes down his own barriers in his own time as quick as possible.

So for this week my week is dedicated to floyyd mayweather. Im going to improve my game mentally and physically, because i know im strong enough to cut out food and challenge my own personal boundaries so i will live a healthy life for all my life!!

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