Rejoined in Feb 2023!


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Hi everyone!
I rejoined SW online back in february this year, I've lost 11.5 lbs so far [would have been more but we had a week away in Lanzarote and I gained 5lbs, lol! that's holidays for you!! However we had a fab week away and the weight is gradually coming off again. I've not posted on here in a very long time so looking forward to catching up! :)
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Hi @kazz43 and welcome back! Well done on the 11.5lbs lost so far and sure we all gain on holidays, it’s just part of the holiday really!

Come join us over on the Team 40 - Christmas 2023 thread and the Eat 20 plants thread, to the best of my knowledge, the most posting is going on there at the moment.

Here are the links, best of luck on your journey.