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Britains Fattest Man tonight

I read about him in the paper yesterday!

I will be watching tonight- I do feel for him too.

It is Timothy Spalling in the picture, he did a dramatisation of the man last year - it's not that programme that's being shown tonight, tonight's programme is actually following Paul Mason.
With situations like this, what i'm always fascinated in is who is helping them eat so much? Once someone reaches the point where they can't go out, or are bed-bound, they rely on other people to bring them their food, and i'm always interested in who would do that, and why.
why would it take lots to maintain that weight?
it's not like he's burning calories by moving much..
4-5000 calories a day should do it.. a couple of energy drinks and a few burgers should do that ( found out yesterday that a can of energy drink is the equivalent of 1 1/2 gateauxs... :) )

The program I watched last night about the 900lbs+ teen, it was his mom that did it..
she lost her first son at 19 months so she doted on the second one and never said no to him and always showered him with food and sweets to "show her love"..
Where on earth did you hear that?!

A can of red bull is 110 calories, a whole gateau is around 2000!!!!


Fighting the bulge
I heard something like that on fat families but i think it is more that the amount of sugar matches rather than the calories.

I can see how you can blame others as it is partly their fault but surely he has to take some responsability for himself getting that big! To lose 20 stone and still be the worlds heaviest man is astonishing!!!
relentless 500ml is 280cals per can.. ( now that I've googled it.. )
it was on "fat families"..
he said that drinking 2 cans a day for a week was the equivalent of eating 10 1/2 gatueauxs...

there's 52g of sugar in each can so perhaps he was on about sugar content and not calories directly..
That still doesnt add up, as that would be 100g sugar a day from energy drinks, which is only just over 3 oz. If they were to say a small sponge, then yes, it would equate to the same amount of sugar, but not a Gataeu. Clearly the nutritionist was just trying to make it sound as shocking as they could.

I'm a good baker (only thing I can brag about) - I know how much sugar goes in cakes to make them which is why it rang alarm bells with me!!
With situations like this, what i'm always fascinated in is who is helping them eat so much? Once someone reaches the point where they can't go out, or are bed-bound, they rely on other people to bring them their food, and i'm always interested in who would do that, and why.
I agree with you Jenny and it was one of the things that crossed my mind. Who on earth would be stupid enough to give someone in that state more of the poison that was already killing them

It also crossed my mind that as his family had disowned him and he was cared for by carers, paid for by the government, that latterly it must have been his carers.Which means that whilst he was in there care no one was regulating what he was eating, just pouring more of the same down his throat.

I find that amazing.

the amount of food it must take to be that size,and stay that size must cost an absolute fortune.
Yes and paid for by you the tax payer when he was being cared for.

Pretty disgusting when so many can not manage NORMAL day to day shopping and there is no extra help for them. Think how many of us on here are on strict, tight budgets.

If he doesn't move, why on earth is he drinking energy drinks?!
LOL !!!! I know that was a serious observation but it did make me smile.

I am looking forward to seeing the programme tonight and what all of you think. I love the diversity of our opinions. Makes for good reading.


Mad old Bat with Attitude
The thing is his doctor must have been involved for years, so that means he will have had all sorts of professional help offered. I used to visit a chap who said he couldn't lose weight (in his 30's) and was pushing for a gastric band. His "friends" brought him pasties and sausage rolls and he used the local Chinese delivery service!
After his gastric band he continued to eat all the same high fat stuff, in fact he burst the band, "but it wasn't working anyway! And definitely not his fault" He spent all day on his computer, just transferring from that to chair or bed and used a mobility scooter. When he was admitted the doctors wanted the physios to get him back on his feet! These people take no responsibility and cost the country a fortune. Funny how they all have state of the art tvs etc!
Sorry! Rant over!
Oooh Allie you tease.

Surely patient confidentiality would only be breached if you disclosed details that meant we could identify who he was?

I've always said I know just how easy it is to put on weight, but there comes a point when it interferes with your life and stops you doing things. For me I felt it when I bent down to put shoes on and my gut was blocking my way, or that my knees click when I went upstairs, getting out of chairs was much harder - and more embarassingly, not fitting into chairs. For me that was the point when I said 'whoa, this is affecting my life too much and I can't carry on this way', so I'm always interested to know how people can continue to eat beyond this point, as it takes a whole lot of food to achieve such gains. I would've thought that not being able to get out of bed, or even walk to the end of the garden path, would be a massive red flag to do something about it, so i'm interested in what stops people from doing that for themselves. I know it's often a signal of something else going on in the brain, I think because I always think I wouldn't let it happen to me, I find it hard to contemplate.

Tonights programme will be interesting.

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