Extra Easy Brown pasta instead of white???


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I know pasta etc is free on EE, but would it improve my losses if i had brown instead of white?

On a slightly different note, if i have bread (which i dont very often), i tend to have seedy as thats what my other half has. Would it be better to have wholemeal instead?

Thanks x
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Brown pasta would be more filling than white. I always use brown pasta and rice. I don't know if it would improve your losses though.

Seeded bread isn't included on the Heb list, but wholemeal is a Heb. If you are synning the bread and not having it as a Heb then choose whichever you prefer.


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you should always choose wholewheat pasta/rices etc where you can.

white carbs although still free on extra easy, have no real health benefits at all and are actually quite bad for you. It is basically a wholegrain stripped of all it's goodness.

as eternity pointed out unfortunately seeded bread can't be used as a HEb. Which is a shame really as some seeded breads are full of wholegrains so are much better for you, but I expect it is because the calorie content goes way up in seeded bread.


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I've personally had better losses on SW now that I've ditched white pasta/rice/flour etc and switched to whole grains.

I find that whole wheat pasta keeps me feeling fuller for longer and I don't eat as much. It's also got more protein and fibre in it than white pasta, and the fibre is good for moving everything along :p


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I don't find the brown pasta as nice, it's quite grainy and can overpower my sauces a bit, but I do want the health benefits, so I now I do half and half with white pasta, and the same with rice. I prefer it actually.


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I found that when I ate a lot of white pasta/rice I would get massive sugar cravings afterwards, regardless of how full I was.

Brown rice/pasta have a much lower GI which means (without going into too much science) you are less likely to crave sugar afterwards.

So, on paper they have the same calories, but choose brown to feel fuller AND crave sugar less


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Just to let you know some seeded and oat breads can have up to 6 syns per slice