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Has anyone noticed that they're bruising more easily? I have the most horrendous bruise on my stomach and I have absolutely no recollection of injuring myself in any way - and believe me I've spent all day today going over everything I've done this week!
The bruise is at least 2 inches across and probably 2 inches long as well and its a deep deep red colour surrounded by black and yellow. It really is nasty looking (I have never had a bruise like it!) and when I showed my family they all gasped when they saw it so I know its not just me being overdramatic like I usually am!
Of course it could be completely unconnected to LL but it does seem unlikely. I've got my group tomorrow evening so I'll ask my LLC about it but when I asked about my sore gums and throat (which incidentally still are) she didn't really seem to know much about any possible side-effects.
Is there an LL medical department I can contact or does my LLC have to do it herself?
Has anyone else got any unexplained bruises/injuries?

MM x
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It is most probably a lack of vitamin K. There is some in the diet but a few people require more.

You can get tablets from the chemist call sinkavit sp? these will help if you are really concerned go and see your GP.

I have come across this before and the advice above was given by the then medical officer.

Here is the link to this thread where I found the post!


Hope this helps:confused:


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I had a massive bruise on my stomach a couple of weeks after starting LL, couldn't think what it was and everyone I showed it to was horrified (didn't show it to many thought they would be more horrified by my stomach than the bruise!). After about a week I realised it was from when I had been horseriding and my stomach had been hitting the front of the saddle. Not suggesting that you have been horseriding and forgotten:) but it could be from something that you didn't even give a thought to at the time like squeezing through a tight space which always seems to bruise me. Keep an eye on whether it happens again though just to be on safe side!


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Yep - I bruise like a peach on this diet - sometimes at the slightest provocation!
Yes, I noticed another one at the top of my leg the other day on the front of my thigh, have no recollection of even knocking it.
DITO bruises appear and don't know how Ive done them. (just found another one):confused:
Hi My LLC has a folder with an index of all side effects - I look in it nearly every week ranging from hair loss, lack of nail growth, bruising and little lumps under my skin. The book is quite informative and credit where due if it is not in the book she finds out for me.

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