Feel a bit silly asking this question, but has anyone noticed that they bruise really easily since starting cd?

Have read stuff on the internet that you bruise more when following a low carb diet?

just wondering if anyone else has had this?
I was going to post about this a while ago. I think I'm bruising more easily but had wondered if I was imagining it.
don't feel silly now!! read it was something to do with the vitamins and that the skin gets thinner or something like that and it said to take vit c suppliments.:eek:
This is really freaky because I ended up at the emergency doctors because I had the most horrendous bruising on my leg and thought it may have been a blood clot.

Apparently it was in the wrong place for a blood clot.

I had several major bruises though so am quite relieved actually to see that.
Thats the same as me i had two major bruises that look really bad, sure people must think hubby is beating me up!! lol!!:) :) :)
It is most probably a lack of vitamin K. There is some in the diet but a few people require more.

You can get tablets from the chemist call sinkavit sp? these will help if you are really concerned go and see your GP.

I have come across this before and the advice above was given by the then medical officer.