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Bubbly tummy

Lexie2005 said:
Am praying for no tango, certainly haven't eaten anything I shouldn't today!!!
Il keep
My fingers x for you hun x

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If you think you want to "pass wind" I advise don't! head for the loo to be on the safe side lol I made that mistake in first few wks after eating a croissant..

Others advise if working change of clothes, and sanitary towels worn back wards, double layer lol.. Towel on chair etc.. The things we do to ourselves!!
lol... omg you lot do make me smile!!!...
amazing to think just how different people are on xen.. wile some people just have to look at a lardy samwidge i can pretty much eat owt i like and just get a bit bloaty!.. the old water advise is fantastic though.. i were a bit sceptic but have to say ive never felt better!
Well I've managed to fart successfully lol! I think some of your horror stories will stop me wanting to eat anything that could
Be dangerous!!! I always have spare bits at work anyway cos I have major af problems but I can't imagine having to sit on a towel, omg!!!! Am hoping mr tango won't appear too often
Mmmmm yes I tend to now drink 1.5l bottle before bed.. My OH was laughing so hard.. Because I was drinking 3 and a bit pint glasses one after the other.. Water dripping down my chin! I also drink another 1.5l during the day too. Total water 3l a day..

I also drink diet coke (the enemy) used to drink loads.. I have reduced my intake to the 150ml cans so I try to only have 1 or 2 a day.. Or OMG None!!
Iv always been a big water drinker easily 10 pints a day generally more

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Oh i had AF and Tango last week, not a nice exeperience at all! wouldnt recommend it lol.
I drink water a lot as i dont drink squash or fizzy drinks, and only the occasional green tea or decaf coffee. but i would say it has helped to keep the tango man at bay!


Not such a fat kat now :)
Ok I give in! All day I've been trying to work out what AF is and maybe I'm having a blonde moment but I can't work it out.
Someone take pity and tell me!

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Af is Aunt Flo, another word for your period. "aunt flo has come to visit" x


Not such a fat kat now :)
That's what I was presuming . I've just never heard it called that before :)

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