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Buddy Needed!


I need a buddy to help me with weightloss and keep me on the right track! I have three stone to lose and I would really like it if someone with a similar amount could be my buddy :)

I have a thread where i post my daily diet plans and losses but it would be great if there was someone else to share the journey with :)

Let me know guys.x
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Hiyaa guys :) thaanks,

I dont mind how many so both of you keeping me company will be great :) Yeah diets going great, one diet I actually enjoy being on!

How are you both finding it? I reallly found it difficult to get past 9stone 4 when I dieted last so im hoping that I will be able to avoid getting stuck at that weight on sw - although 9st 4 is a long way off at the moment!!! :cry:
Well done on your loss. 3.5lbs is a great start.

Generally I find it goes well but am guilty of the odd binge. I did WW years ago and I was ALWAYS hungry. With Sw I get fed up eating!!!!

I started in January and lost 1st in 8 weeks so it works well. Unfortunately at the moment I lose a few pounds gain a few lose a few sts gain a few. You get the picture. I cant seem to get under 180lbs and if i get a lb or 2 under it goes straight back on the next week. Doesnt always do much for my motivation.

Tonight I had major cravings for chinese, curry sauce & chips, spicy chicken wings. I managed to resist but only coz i had no money to get a delivery and its too cold to go out. Oh well over and done with now, had a bowl of bran flakes instead:rolleyes:
Thaaaanks. Yeah same here, I did WW and liked it at first, lost a stone and a half (all back on now) but i found it too restrictive. Whereas on SW I could go and cook myself something now if i needed too although I am stuffed to the gills right now lol.

Just hoping that xmas doesnt do me over too much! x
I have already planned my xmas day eating lol. I will be flexi syning that day though.

Xmas lunch will be turkey & ham/gammon with sw roasties, mash, peas, gravy (2 syns) and sausagemeat stuffing (going to use the 0.5 syn susages from morrisons to make it so not too high in syns) & cranberry sauce (made using sweetner instead of sugar, no booze). Recon a maximum of 5 syns for whole meal.
Will then make my own trifle using sugarfree/ lowfat ingredients so another 5 syns maybe.

Will then give myself maybe another 30 syns for booze and/or goodies.

WI for me tomorrow so hoping for a decent loss ass i've had a pretty good week
Ooooh good luck! If yourve been good im sure you will have done well, you'll have to let me know!
Soundss laaavly. Do you do EE? I do mainly green days, i dont understand EE lol.

I have no idea what im having yet lol. Prob EE day, maybe I will have got the hang of it by Xmas! :rolleyes:

I loveeee xmas day food, normally coz its so naughty - this year shall be different! :) I love xmas pudding and roasts.x
I mostly do EE with the odd green day. Have never done red. I find EE really easy to follow. Just ask if you want to know anything (except syns as im doing it home alone) and I will do my best.

Xmas will def be an ee day. we usually just have the 1 meal then pig out on junk while watching tele at night. Dont know about the pudding but dont see why the main meal should get out of control. The hard part for me is visiting my nana. She starts shoving food at you before you even get your coat off bless her. Hence the flexi syns.

Im off for an early night, got a busy day tomorrow. Hopefully chat tomorrow:4633:
Haha yeah i do feel it would be alot easier if i just held my mouth open so they could shovel it all in!

Ohh yeah im doing it home alone too. I just don't get how you can lose weight on EE lol, how does it work if you can have as much meat and pasta in one meal? I love green days coz i love pasta and things like that so it works really well for me.

Its just about getting to grips with it all really, how long have you been on SW? x
Lost 1.5lbs so im a happy lady.

No idea how any of it works but it does if you stick with it. I have been doing this on and off since January. Lost 13lbs in 8 weeks but put half of that back on. Have been serious about it again for about 6 or 7 weeks but havent done so well this time around. Keep losing then putting it back on then losing ...... Very frustrating when you stick to plan but hoping I will get there. I bought a top in a smaller size and would like to fit it by xmas. I can dream:p.

How is your day going?
:):):) Welll done!! Yeah thats sometimes the way but you will get there in the end!

My days going okay, my laptop is messing me around, im trying to find out how to update my video driver whatever that does lol!! Got my friend coming round tonight so im hoping to be good!

Hows yours going? exept the fab loss of course.
Had a busy day so far. Been to the supermarket for the weekly shop, gutted the house for people coming to view tomorrow (we are trying to sell our house). Just sat down with a cup of tea and a caramel kitkat to dunk in it. YUMMY.

Good luck with your friend. Is she likely to tempt you or is she supportive? I have both sets of friends and when I visit the ones likely to tempt me I take my own food with me whether that is a snack lunch or dinner. They think it is hilarious. The supportive ones are happy to eat whatever I say is suitable.

Having a good day foodwise but have used all my healthy extras and syns so it is free food from here on out for the rest of the day.

Had alook at your menu for today and it is looking good, plenty of room for a wee treat while your friend is there if you are tempted.
S: 15st2.5lb C: 14st11lb G: 9st0lb Loss: 0st5.5lb(2.59%)
hi girls... well how goes your weekend?

its so cold here... so haven been out much

diet wise weekend going well for me. usually i do brilliant all week but sat nights totally mess it up but was actually very good last night.

i done ww before to lost 4 stone. but i got stuck in a rut after losing 4 stone and as my points were lowering i found i was really hungry all the time so stopped going... needless to say i gained nearly a stone so joined sw.

been doing it from home now 5 weeks and loving it.
My friend is half and half, she is also trying to diet so im thinking there will be room for persuasion :)

Ohhh i love kit kats! My fave was the peanut butter one but they dont do them anymore :( probably a lot of syns for that one though. Yeaah i may have to have a little treat later :)

Hey miss marshmallow! Weekend is going well thanks yours?... yeah thats the thing with WW.. the slimmer you get, the reward is that you get to eat less lol. I found it very restrictive as was only on 18 points a day. My mum does it though and loves it, shes lost 5 stone. They have a new plan now which is getting similar to SW - fruit is free!

2 finger kitkat, any flavour is 5.5 syns on all plans, well worth it for what feels like a very naughty treat.

My mum lost a massive amount of weight on WW and never seemed hungry. I never felt full ( I hate veg!) and wouldnt eat fruit as it wasnt worth the points, def not a healthy way to eat for me.

It is freezing here as well (edinburgh) but I should be gladd as it was the only thing that stopped me going to the chinese last night and completely blowing it. A top tip for the cold is make a huge pot of soup, it always warms me up and if you plan it well it can be totally free:D
Oooh may have to bear that in mind when i pop to tesco's express later!! I didnt waste my points on fruit either but i love fruit so now that its free im loving it! Yeahh i like free soup too :)


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