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But Mummy doesn't eat!

Oh no, after a very successful first week I am now having 2nd thoughts about CD and the effect it might have on my daughters. I thought they were all too young to notice, but my eldest apparantly refused her lunch at nursery today and told them Mummy doesn't eat. Baring in mind that I will be on this diet at least a year, then the twins will be old enough to be aware too. They are used to us all eating together too when my husband is offshore. I'm just not sure what to do, the last thing I want is for them to get unhealthy relationships with food like I have.
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Hi, I also experienced this with my daughter she is 4 years old and she started to play up at dinner times - not eating just wanted a milkshake like mummy. To me it is very important that my daughter doesnt develop an unhealthy relationship with food so I have changed from ss to ss+ - which I think sets a good example in terms of the food. She hasnt played up since and we sit down as a family and have our meals and it has helped to encourage her to eat her greens.


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Hi hun! Maybe Tinkerbella is right about you doing ss+! My kids are 4,2 and 1 and I have explained to my eldest that mommy has been very unhealthy for many years and as a result mommy needs to lose weight to be healthy and fit so i can be the mommy they deserve! Luckily for me its only for 12 weeks that I am ssing, and the kids eat dinner with their dad! Weigh up your pros and cons! You'll make the right choice for you and your family!! xxx
I worry that I might not be disciplined with SS+, that I would not be able to manage with such small amounts of food being allowed, whereas no food is at least a blanket rule. I have a big appetite:(


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my daughter doesnt have the level of understanding so i can get away with it but i used to have a soup pack, served in a bowl while she had her food, she calls it mummys din dins


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was just going to post something similar about having soup with the kids....


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My son is 4 and asks questions all the time about why I am not eating. Have only been on SS for 7 weeks, but found that by doing SS+ some days when eating with the kids really helps him.

I too have a big appitite, but after 7 weeks on SS I can't manage very much to eat as my tummy has definitely shrunk

Hugs hun, is a hard choice


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My boys are older and understand that I'm doing it to loose weight and be healthy. We all sit down to a meal in the evening when I have my soup :)


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I feel the exact same i live with my sister and her daughter she is only 3 but i worry that she will think that she is big and needs a diet but i think whatever diet that you do it would have the same effect i just have to think of the benefits for you daughters if you loss the weight and try explain to your daughter why you are doing it.

Magz x


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I have a very large appetite and cried the first night when I saw my "real food" meal. However I was surprised by how full I felt afterwards. I find the trick for me is to cut it up into small pieces so it feels like more. Hope you find a way to continue xx
I am going to have to do a 'with food' plan I think - I tried the soups last week and didn't take to them, today I tried porridge at tea time with the girls but the eldest still played up. I almost wonder though if I would be better with 810 and having plenty to eat than SS+ with a little then wanting to pick?


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Not everyone will be in ketosis for 810 - I know I dont stay in. And I know I have to really fight the hungries afterwards until I'm back in. I'm not saying 810 is a bad plan, but its something to keep in mind.

SS+ is a not bad amount of food. If you think you're going to pick with that you might be giving your licence to pick with 810. And half of this diet is the head game.

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