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Buying books at class - or elsewhere


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This thread has been started with posts removed from the SW Password thread which was going very off topic

My friend who is in a local group let me take a quick look at the books online as I wanted to see a few in detail so i could order them on ebay, I was shocked at the extra easy cookbook going for £4.95 at the club yet online its more than double plus postage for the buy it now or bid for it and see if you "bag a bargain"

If i know then what i know now I'd have joined the club and attended for all the information and saved a fortune, don't be duped in thinking you are bagging a bargain on ebay whatsoever!
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I saw a starter pack going on ebay for nearly £40, that to me is just daft, if all they want is the starter pack and are willing to pay that much money, why dont they just go and sign up to a group, pay the £10 and get the pack that way.

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A variety of reasons. Stupidity. Shyness. Not knowing that it is possible just to go to one meeting and then not go back. Being of the opinion that just going to one meeting and not going back is rather a mean thing to do. Not being able to get to even one class because of other commitments/health/transport.
yeh true but it does seem a bit excessive to pay out nearly £40 for a pack though.
Fairy fluff lol It took me ages to pluck up the courage to go to the classes so i borrowed my mums old books for a while before i decided to go.
I dont always stay for the class though, its normally a case of go in get weighed and leave again lol
Image Therapy is a god send! I could not do so well with slimming world and not go to group for many reasons lol I for one would most certainly put weight back on. Plus going to group you know about latest syn changes can get newest books cheaper etc. I think going to SW just to be weighed is pointless to be truthful as you will not get encouragement from other members. It feels really nice when my consultant introduces me and tells new members how I have lost over 5 stone. I feel great and it is thanks to SW. Oh and also I am one day hoping to be in the magazine!
We are now computerised and tbh I don't think it is much different except that your consultant can see slimmer of week/month and how much you have lost over a period of time.


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I work permanent shifts and the evening classes aren't on my night off, hence ebay, although i was "lucky" to pay £15 i have overpaid for a few other books after seeing the ones on the site! Its a shame they don't list them, they might get more recruits and would put the ebay sales down to a minimum i would say.

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