Bye Bye & Happy Christmas!!!!


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Just a off home to Dublin for the week later on today....have tonnes to do so wont b about really, and am not sure if I will get on the net at my parents house!!

Just wanted to say that I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and that all of our diets go to plan, watever that may be!!

Be good, be safe, and have fun!!!
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Hope yourself and Chloe have a safe sailing, and of course an early welcome back to Ireland, you've got my no. if you need anything and can't get onto the NET, can't wait to hear what your family and friends think of the new you. Its like your not half the woman you used to be LOL

All the best for Crimbo, cheers Caz


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hope you hve a great christmas Kazz and that your family are suitably over the moon about your fantastic loss already and aren't negative about the diet.

Merry Christmas :)


Not dieting ATM!
Have a fab time you and little Chloe. Hope you are both spoiled rotten. Look forward to hearing your stories on return or maybe sooner.

Have a very happy Christmas.

Dizzy x


Loves VLCD's !
Hope its a great Xmas for you, lots of fun and relaxation !