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Calculate your True Weight


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Hey guys!

Moseying around other parts of the forum I came across a reference to this link ...

Calculate your true weight, calculate your ideal weight, personalized diet: subscription to Pierre Dukan diet

There is a free calculator which works out your 'true weight'. It asks questions not often asked when your 'ideal' weight is worked out, like number of pregnancies, what you weighed at your heaviest, how many diets you've done (but don't worry you don't have to count them all up, if you're like me just click 'more than 3' ;)), and loads of other questions too. You have to fill in a user name and password at the end but you're not committed to anything.

It tells me my 'true' weight is 10st 4lbs .. funny that as I've been saying that around 10.3 or 4 is where I've felt best this last year - so I think it's definitely worth a look. xx

OH! And you need to know your height in cms so you might want to do that calculation ready :) xx

Here's a conversion calculator ..

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Brill post Jan
Just done it, I put in that my ideal weight and what I want to get to is 10.7, came back with IDEAL as 10.4 - and strangely enough this is what I got down to in Feb and felt great!! mmm...strange :) :) So, 10.4 it is :)


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very interesting jan. i did this and it calculated my ideal weight should be 11st 2lbs, only 4lbs different so what i am now so i think ill change my ticker thing to that. i actually agree with it as i feel just about right now and although my weight does fluctuate a bit, then it does tend to go down again quite easily. very good. thanks for that!

h xx


maintaining since June'09
Glad you found it useful :D xx

(And thanks for the rep Iris ;) xx)
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Here we go again!
I did mine and it was 10st 12lbs. I'd be very happy if I could get to that weight and stay there. Here's hoping!!


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Just did it ..... I put in i'd like to be 11st - which is 6lbs less than when i finished LT last year. It came back and said my ideal weight is 10.13 .... not bad. Im a long way off that though :(


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Mine came back with 20lbs over my target. Maybe I really am too hard on myself :eek:

Thanks for the thread, Jan - nice one



maintaining since June'09
hi, thats a interesting link which gives my true weight at 14stone 13lbs, which to be honest is a much more likely weight for me, considering I did loads of rugby, football, hockey as a teen (what happned hey!) and with size 9 feet for a female feel this would be a better weight for me! YAY only 9 stone to lose LOL


maintaining since June'09
I see you're starting on Tuesday ... best of luck :) xx
thanks JanD, is there a thank you button? I cant see it LOL
u have to reach 50 posts to thank ppl x

it said 11st 13 for me, which i thinks quite high, above my target by 10 lbs so i will bare it in mind x

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