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Calling all teachers please :)


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Hi everyone,

Ive just today completed the most stressful but also amazing year ever by completing my pgce (primary).

I have just had my 1st bit of good news too, i have my 1st job interview as a reception teacher in a resource provision in a fantastic school just any tips and advice would be really helpful as im extremely nervous about it all!

Thank you :) xx
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Well done! If you are not already on it, the forums on the tes website are excellent. There are areas for Primary so you can beef up on the main issues in that sector and there are specific areas for Jobseekers and Interviews with really helpful tips and advice. Have a look on there and prepare as much as you can by thinking about possible questions (again, see tes) and what you could say to answer them. It's obviously not about learning things off by heart but you don't want to come out kicking yourself for failing to mention really important things about yourself or your experience.
On the day, you could think about bring a little portfolio of your work (resources, lesson plans, feedback) which is a bit geeky but you might get the opportunity to invite them to look at it - I don't think it can do any harm.
I'm sure you know this but having been on interview panels myself, it was very interesting to hear comments from the other interviewers about certain things that they found distracting or annoying (for example, too much jangly bling!) - I would dress plainly and let my smile be my main accessory for the day.
It is hard to remain calm when you are feeling nervous and stressed, especially in the run-up to the interview. I'm afraid I never really found a strategy that works but just remember, they've given you an interview so they obviously think you're a strong candidate.
Have a look on the tes and good luck!


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Hey Laura, Congrats!! I finished my pgce last year but was unlucky and didnt get a job until january and am really struggling to get one for september :( There just arent any coming up so getting an interview is a brilliant start!!

Go in fully planned but with several back up plans if that makes sence, I have been told in observations (not interviews) that I need to be more flexible but its something which comes with confidence and experience I think.

NQT is really taugh, so make sure that you feel like you will get support from the school. If you dont feel comfortable in that school then your more than likely not going to get the support you need.

Hopefully it all goes well for you hun, best of luck from me and TES is a brill site. Let us know how it goes xx


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Hiya thank u both for gettin bk to me and givin me some tips/advice i appreciate it :)

Got a pre interview monday so im hopin that will provide me with some information on what exactly they are lookin for at interview im just extremely nervous eeek!

just dont know where to start as far as im aware im not bein observed in a lesson and it will just be an interview i think anyway!

Goin to start a portfolio next week ready photos etc hopefully its enough, but if its not for me at least i can say ive had interview experience at last! :)

Thank you again

Laura :)


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I'd say keep your interview lesson simple and fun so you can relax and enjoy it as much as possible. If you enjoy it, the kids will too. I agree, TES online is a great place to start - the forum there would be a great place to get ideas.
I was KS2 and have only done foundation stage on supply, and not very often so can only wish you luck and give very vague tips.
Oh - and don't stress all weekend over it. What will be, will be and all that!!

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