Calorie Counting - For me a new approach


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Hi all,

Like quite a few of you i lost most of my weight with Cambridge (3stone 4lbs), maintained until December where i gained half stone. I tried to start SS+ again 2 weeks ago (wanna lose another stone) but was so weak with hunger i only lasted 4 days before giving in. I've been calorie counting and exercising all week, feeling so proud of myself and then have ruined it all last night with a chinese and a load of sweets etc:mad:. I did loads of exercise and am so cross with myself.
I have tried to get to goal since coming back from holidays in July and keep falling off the wagon.

How do you all stay so motivated:confused:. I've got 11lbs to lose and am completely useless.:eek:

Weekends are my downfall - as i work shifts i only get 2 weekends of every 5 weeks and like to let my hair down but this sabotages my diet!!

Ah well, Monday is another start:D
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Lil K

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Hi JaxieD :wavey:

Welcome to the CC'ing board.

I read your post and it could quite easily have been written by me! I also lost my weight with CD and have kept most of it off - although I never actually got to my goal (about 7lbs off) since then a little has crept on that I want to get off by summer. As you'll see from my ticker its not that much in the big scheme of things, but often the last bit is the hardest to shift - I think for me, because I look in the mirror now and think I look 'ok' as oppose to :cry::yuk: the sense of urgency is not quite what it was.

You should give yourself a pat on the back for keeping most of your weight off (I know I sometimes forget to celebrate that success). I find that coming on Minimins also keeps me in the right frame of mind. I don't always post, but I do read a lot of the information on here.

I also keep a running total of the calories I've eaten each day - even if I've gone over. For me this helps two-fold (1) Obviously it keeps a track of how much I've eaten each day and whether I've stuck to my calories for weightloss (around 1400) or whether I've eaten my calories for maintaining (around 1800) and, (2) If I do 'go off on one' and eat everything in sight, I still record the calories for it before I eat it. The act of writing it down sometimes also slows me down and makes me think about what I'm doing. Quite often the damage I perceive i've done in my head is nowhere near as bad as I think when its written down on paper. So one bad day does not become a week long problem.

I know exactly what you mean about weekends as this can be a problem for me too, being outside of my usual routine. I try to balance this up with doing a more strenuous exercise DVD than I would do in the week, and do it both Saturday and Sunday.

I don't know if this post has exactly motivated you?......That's what I come on here for :8855:

Anyway, keep plugging away at it. You can do it!


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Hi Jax.

Firstly, CONGRATULATIONS on losing all that weight on CD - that's fab!!! :talk017: At least you have proved to yourself that you can do it when you set your mind to it. That's half the battle I think, knowing that you can do it.

I don't know if you feel like I do, but I think that the less weight you have to lose the harder it is to stay motivated. I have around 17lb to lose. I say 'around' as I am not particularly bothered if I hit that particular weight or not, it's just a guide for me to work towards. And that weight is also just one that I would 'like' to be, it's not as if I 'have' to be that weight. Maybe it would be easier if I had to lose it for a certain reason, I don't the moment I haven't had to go up a dress size or anything, I am just making the use of every spare inch of fabric in my current clothes!!!! And on the days where my motivation had abandoned me, I do have a little evil thought "Aww, I'm not that much overweight, half a pizza or a couple or biscuits isn't going to harm"!!! :devilangel:

11lbs isn't that much to lose at all, and maybe it's harder now because you like the way you are, the way you look, and it wouldn't be the end of the world if you had to stay like this, rather than go back to your old self......?

My mantra is "mind over matter". It's my mantra for my whole life, not just dieting. Just keep telling yourself that you are an intelligent women and you aren't going to drop down from hunger if you refuse that chinese!!!!!!!! (ooh, there is a whole thread on here somewhere about 'good' chinese!)

Listen to me, swear I was slimmer of the year!! :ashamed0005: I had a bad week this week. I can withstand most temptations, but not my husband. When he says he fancies a pizza then I order him a pizza, even though he wishes I wouldn't, but I am an old fashioned girl who looks after her man, and have to give him bad food if that's what he wants, lol! Of course, I ended up having some too - see, no-one is perfect, least of all me :D

Hang on in there. You've done the hard bit by the sound of things, now it's just a matter of perseverance, exercise and willpower. Good luck ;)


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i have to say i agree, we all have our bad days. i had a huge bad day today! pizza for dinner and phad thai chicken for lunch :s two bad meals in one day. i know i will weight a lil more 2moro. but i also know ill be at the gym 2moro, and will try to stick to low cal foods rest of week. i have had a horrid week really, lots of cakes as the head at my school has bought them in and i couldnt say no... but the thing is u then have to stop and say rite i had a few bad days, i wont carry them on ill now have a few good days, then a few more good days.

dont beat urself up over a lil treat