Calorie counting


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How do you work out how many calories you need a day and how you can lose weight doing this.

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A good place to start is to calculate your Basal Metabolic Rate. This gives you an idea of how many calories your body needs just to exist (if you just lay in bed all day).

If you were to consume the amount of cals on the BMR calculator each day then just by walking around and doing some additional structured exercise (swimming, cycling etc) then you'll create a deficit. You need to create a 3500 cal deficit to lose 1lb (i.e 500 cal deficit each day will get you a 1lb loss in a week and so on)

Here's the link to a BMR calculator

BMR Calculator

Hope this helps
Or you can do a trial 3 day on WLR

It will work out your maintenance calories, or adjust it according to how much you want to lose a week.

It'll also add up your food intake and work out your exercise calories :)