Cambridge crisps - yummy crunchy lunch

I tried the crisp recipe off icemoose's website super duper - guess who had a nice crunchy lunch:D :p. I was worried that it may mess up and what lunch!! but they came out spot on - hubby wants some for his dinner tomorrow (I generously saved him 4:) ). Mixed my vegetable soup pack with enough water to the consistency of dijon mustard, added some cayenne pepper (a good shake) and black pepper. Used my teflon baking sheet bought from Sainsburys yesterday for £2.99 (5 year guarantee).Cooked them 9 blobs at a time, it made 32 but I think maybe more tomorrow (smaller blobs) It took just under 2 minutes to get the best crisp, they tasted better if you left them a little longer - went a lot more crispier . Just missed a nice glass of Shiraz with them:D :D :D :D :D . Fizzy water with orange flavour was just as good:p .
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did you make them in the oven or microwave?


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I tried these yesterday and could mange to eat about half a dozen, got full-up on them and ended up throwing away about 20. Strange thing was I didn't feel like I missed a meal.

I bought some mix-a-mousse tonight so I'm going to try the jelly tomorrow


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Sound scrummy! :p

I saw them on his site and wondered if they really were as delish as they looked ... now I know!;) Ta!! :D .. definitely going to get some savoury mixes tomorrow when I go for my weigh-in!!

oh, what temp did you have oven on:confused:


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Never tried the crisps myself, always thought it seemed a bit too much effort and I enjoy the soups and shakes. but now I'm intrigued guess you can use any of the soups flavours.

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I cooked them in a micro-wave (see ice moose's blog)my microwave is 900watt but I think it is cooking lower . The first batch of 9 I cooked for 1 min 25 secs as instructed I thought they need a bit longer so put them in for 20 secs more. When you take them out they are still a little soft, like some cookies are when you are baking. Leave them a few minutes then I bent the teflon cooking sheet and gently peeled them off. I left them to harden just a few more minutes. I found the ones I had left for hubby were even crispier after about 2 hours. He is pretty fussy and loved them. I am going to try oriental chilli crisps tomorrow so I will let you know how they taste.

p.s. don't make the blobs too big, I found that half a teaspoon was more than enough as it spreads out.The consistancy of them was like a soft mayo or dijon mustard - soft but not that it will run off the spoon. They will look like small well done flat biscuits when they are ready.

Enjoy......... and thanks Mike for a super recipe:D