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Jan's Cambridge Diary

Hi all.

So after some serious research, thought and consideration not to mention several chats with Cambridge Councillor to find the right one for me, I met with my lovely Councillor last night to get started with the plan

Im 24, have PCOS and im currently according to my weigh in last night 15 stone 2.5 lbs. So Im not too upset, I was expecting that weight and thats the reason while Im doing it. Personally Im trying to detatch myself from the diet as I dont want to be dependent on shakes and soups in the long term. As a pcos sufferer with a minor gluten/ dairy intolerance there is a diet I should be abiding to and Ive turned to Cambridge in the hope that by eliminating all foods, and seeing dramatic weightloss at first, that as I stick to the step by step plan, and work my way towards maintenance that Ill reintroduce food into my life and make better choices thus creating a healthy lifestyle. I am not doing this for a quick fix and would like to lose my obsession with food which comes hand in hand with my weight.

Anywho im doing SS. My lady said that I only need to do it for one week and next week can do SS+ if i would rather. However at max Ill do SS for two weeks, then SS+ for two weeks and then onto step 2, howver I have no set plan yet as I want to take it day by day and just get through week one. I would like to reintroduce food as quickly as I can purely because I do not want to become dependent on the shakes,

So anywho that's my story.

Day 1 Tuesday 26th July 2011

Butterscotch shake... Not bad to be fair. Could be drinking a lot worse.

Lunch- Chicken and mushroom soup. Ok so Im not gonna lie, its fine, Im not gagging and with some pepper it was actually kind of nice. Its not amazing but its filling I have to give it that.

Dinner will be a shake of some sort. Im thinking chocolate and possibly hot :D

Overall Im not hungry, I am a bit tired however I think thats cos I had went out for dinner last night and just feel a bit after it.

Have drank approx a litre of water so have a bit more to go but its not even two o'clock so theres time yet. Gonna finish my soup now. The good thing is that apart from this entry Im not really thinking about it. Im just like right its one to two weeks, then onto the next stage. I can do this

Feeling sleepy but positive :D No headaches yet and Ive kept my plans for tomorrow night and Thurs night minimal as Im aware day 3 can be hard.

Will update tomorrow

Any kind words or motivation would be great as I havent told anyone....

Jan xxxx
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You certainly can do it! You have thought it over, you are in the right place and frame of mind, you have the tools (the diet products!) and you are on your way.

Good luck hun and keep posting x
Hi guys and gals
Day 2 :)

Awh thanks girlygirl1 I do believe my frame of mind is helping so i appreciate your words of motivation! Day one was good. Starting to tell a few people now, not going into detail but so far there hasnt been too many questions. The biggest hassle is Im Irish and Irish people LOVE to drink (sorry to any other Paddies out there thinking Im generalising but it is true) so nights out will prove a challenge but Im hoping they'll just understand and not mention it. So threw myself in the deep end and went out with my mates to the pub because I figure I can’t deprive myself of a social life over the next four months. Drank sparkling water all night and had a great laugh :) Glad I didn’t stay in.

Sooooooo day two has arrived. Day 1 was good to be honest. I feel good but a bit heady if you get me. Slightly tired, however I woke up before my alarm and was early for work for once lol. Not bad for a start. Only hassle I will admit stomach is in bits, diarrhoea etc. not pleasant. Drinking peppermint tea to combat it though. Headaches are limited. Last night I got one and had to pop some painkillers and I do find about an hour before I’m due a shake/ soup I get a bit headachy, like now its 12 o clock, lunch is at one, so I’m starting to feel a bit iffy. Bottle of water next to me tho and its really helping. The oddest thing is I’m not hungry and I’ve no cravings really. So fingers crossed this lasts!

I had a chocolate shake breakfast this morning, theyre delish 
Lunch will be soup (oriental chilli lets see how that goes :p ) and dinner will be a shake.

Anywho I will keep ye all posted, looking forward to my stomach calming down but overall positivity is still going strong and feeling good about this 

Hope ye are all doing great

Jan xxx
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After the first week it will all become so much more pleasant. The withdrawal headaches etc should be long gone and your appetite should be nicely under control thanks to the blessed ketosis! Not only that but you should have a very good loss indeed.

I am Scottish with an Irish grandmother so I totally understand your reference to the Celtic drinking culture! Perhaps you could take a one or two litre bottle of cambridge-flavoured still or sparkling water with you? Or take just a tub of flavouring and add it, there? Would make a nice change from plain tap stuff in the pub!
hey Ladies,
I am with you regarding Drinking. I am Scottish with a passion for Rugby. I said to one of the guys at the rugby club i would not be drinking with them at the weekend. I was glad when someone said, i do not look pregnant
I am willing to give up the cider to look fabulous in September
Good Luck Girlies
Hiya Foxy, Im just keeping myself busy all the time and basically making sure that when I go out Im in flying form so that I dont get hassled for not having a drink. I find if u having fun and people can see that, that they dont bat an eyelid at your not drinking. :) Anywho day three tomorrow (now kinda as its 00:52 lol) which has a reputation as being rather horrible. However diarrhoea has stopped :) god bless peppermint tea and water :) I swear to god water is the key in this thing. Anytime I feel iffy I drink water, or have a cup of peppermint tea. Whats shocking me is I am not even remotely hungry, and Im not thinking about food or what I cant have in anyway as much as I thought I would... So Im happy. The weekend will be a tester however I think Ill be ok. Positivity really helps, Im glad I took the time to think this through and prepared myself to do it. Defo helps when your head in the right space.

Also might I add a suggestion its prob well known but to a newbie like myself lol its a godsend- the vanilla shakes........ make it with warmish water and add some cinnamon. I swear to god its like a yummy vanilla latte or something. delish!!!!!!!!! made my day :)

Right off to get some shut eye for that dreaded day three :)

thanks for posting. the motivation is brill :D xxxxx
Hi Jan :)

Really glad you've started a diary (best bit of the forum IMO)

So pleased you're doing so well, with your positivity I'm sure you'll be fine.

Looking forward to reading more:D

Awh thanks Tracey. Im glad its going well too :D Was so nervous.

Ah guys the dreaded day three aint so bad. I had a bit of a headache this morning and my skin is a breaking out a bit but that always happens when you detox your body in some way but other than that Im surprisingly fine :) No hunger pangs, no cravings, am yeah the start of this diet is going really well. I am swearing by the water though, its making things so much easier even if I am running to the loo 20 million times a day!!!

anywho about to have my soup and its two o clock. had a butterscotch shake this morning. was no vanilla shake but it was nice. having veg soup now in a min. quite proud of myself cos today in the office one is having chow mein, one is having indian and the other some salad thingy, yesterday i was sent to get kfc for my boss!!! and im not tempted

its going good :) lets hope it lasts. xxxx
so day three is drawing to a close. i do find i need a nap in the evening this week. just wrecked come 6 o clock but the i get a whole new lease of life at like 9pm lol not good cos cant get to sleep till one... hoping a night out the weekend will stop that :) diet is going really well. looking forward to having the first week down because ill know then that i can do it for sure. have heard so many horror stories about the first week.... but so far so good so fingers crossed :)

off for my nap guys... have loads to do tonight and at the mo just wanna zzzzzzzzzzzz

drinking between 2 and 3 litres of water each day so far :) x
ok so back again... i didnt nap... in fact i did all my washing and tidied my room and danced around the room! and now im hungry..... :grumble: however I am hoping that a large cup of cinnamon and peppermint tea will curb it :D have a lot of energy and have loads to do but dont have the concentration span to sit down and do it... im in one of those giddy moods.... day four tomorrow. im sitting here looking in the mirror imagining my slim toned and healthy body.....

:banana dancer: -> was going through the smileys and found this one! random!

jan x
ok so back again... i didnt nap... in fact i did all my washing and tidied my room and danced around the room! and now im hungry..... :grumble: however I am hoping that a large cup of cinnamon and peppermint tea will curb it :D have a lot of energy and have loads to do but dont have the concentration span to sit down and do it... im in one of those giddy moods.... day four tomorrow. im sitting here looking in the mirror imagining my slim toned and healthy body.....

:banana dancer: -> was going through the smileys and found this one! random!

jan x
I love that smiley:D
I love that smiley:D
Me too Tracey! :)

Ok the dreaded day 4.... Have a headache and thats about it. Havent went to the bathroom properly in over 24 hours.... I know this is a common problem but dont want to go down the road of laxatives.....

other than that no news my scales are defo broken, got on them on monday morning (naked lol) and they said 216 yet weight in with CDC was 212.5 in the evening after a days food and with clothes on... this morning weighed myself and got three diff readings in the space of five min 210, 207.8 and 205.... so yeah. think they need to be binned lol!!!!

feeling rather good still. not drinking so much water this morning as going out tonight and will be drinking water all night lol. first proper night out sober but im wearing a dress that didnt fit a few weeks ago so its motivating enough to keep me going.

was a bit worried as my sis is coming over from ireland to see me (i live in london) and she bringing her two kids. anywho havent told my mum or other sis about this diet as the rant id recieve wouldnt be worth it! but had to tell the other sis cos wont be able to eat out or drink when shes over.... anyway she is so supportive, knows how low i am over my weight and said it was a great idea and that we'd do picnics with the kids over here and ill bring my shakes/ soups and prob mini salads as ill prob be on ss+ when shes over. also have told the majority of my mates and theyre being super supportive.

soooooooo day 4 and feeling good xxxx
Hi losemenow....congrats on getting through the first few days so well! I start CD SS tomorrow for the 2nd time round....and it's those first few days I'm dreading! x
Hi losemenow....congrats on getting through the first few days so well! I start CD SS tomorrow for the 2nd time round....and it's those first few days I'm dreading! x
Thanks starkissedkitty :) Youll do great. Just get over the first few days then boom! Youll fly it.

I honestly have no idea how this week has went so well. Like normally I fade a bit during the first few days but I havent cheated one bit. AND my office love food. Wed was sent for KFC for the boss, yesterday I spent my lunch sat in a Chinese waiting for roast Duck and had to collect a selection of choc for him on the way back. Today the boss is buying the office lunch, pizza is the offer and Ive declined and whats more is I can honestly say Im not tempted. Think my weight just got to a point where I was controlled by it and food and this week its just so lovely to feel in control. You know i made the choice to do cambridge, im making the choice to stick at it and its just a nice feeling. I really hope it lasts x
Ok so am well chuffed. Was sent out to domino's to get pizza for the office. Found myself craving some inside there while waiting but just thought of how good this week has been and how weigh in is on monday. Anywho my boss (who I might add is obese and addicted to food to put it mildly) decided to mess with me and keep trying to tempt me, you know "ah jan, one bit wont hurt, its friday live a little" etc. Anywho not only did i politely tell him where to go with his pizza, i sat down with my cambridge soup and bottle of water and ate with him and the rest.

:) x
ok so its friday.... this weekend is my first weekend doing the cambridge. im used to having my "treat" on friday... or shud i say treats! as in full blown pigging out lol. so tonight is weird. i just had my shake, didnt drink a lot of water today, about 1.2 litres so need to drink loads more. defo noticed the change because im not as full as normal. tonight im going out on a proper clubbing night with the girls. havent been on one in ages and a bit nervous as am on water for the night. i wont be tempted to drink but worried just more so about if ill enjoy it..... burnt my hand at work then to make matters worse. so feeling a bit sorry for myself cos its killing me lol. normally if i had a bad day id eat. the same as if id a good day lol! the one thing i will admit about sole source is it makes you study your eating patterns. i.e. you address the various feelings you have to eat even when youre not hungry, but because you cant eat as such, you have to motivate yourself and think about why youre feeling this way in order to change that feeling, whereas normally I wouldnt even bother because id have a pizza ordered before i could even give it a second thought!

so yeah. feeling a bit iffy but hoping a litre of water and some good music and the girls will cheer me up. nervous about the weekend. but throwing myself in the deep end with regard socialising and saying yes to every offer because as a 24 year old single female living in London, i refuse to become a hermit because im dieting. im trying to teach myself that confidence doesnt have to come from what ur wearing or what ur drinking! that it has to come from yourself :) so im working on that, and basically throwing myself out there. food controlled me before hand because weight controlled me and in order to ever overcome my unhealthy relationship with food that has to stop....

ok rant over. just had some realisations today and think if i dont write them down somewhere theyll just go to waster! :)

love and hugs to all. happy weekend! xxxx

Ok soooo had my first night out without drink and honestly not bad. the craic i had was limited due to the place we went and some of the people we went out with but i honestly dont think had i been drunk it would have made it any better. danced my heart out and drank about a litre of water so drank well over 2 and a half litres. sweated loads tho. it was hot. but i find this week im sweating in places i never sweat lol!!! like walking to and from the bank for my boss and the back of my legs... sure once it all aids in my losses :D

felt good last night. made a real effort to look well and think i achieved it. also for once didnt feel like the "Fat" friend which was nice. i felt equally as attractive to the girls i was out with and that helped. its amazing my weight hasnt changed much in two weeks, but two weeks ago i was miserable not because of my weight but because i was eating all around me and i knew it was piling on and felt out of control. now im in control and i feel great. building on my confidence issues re my appearance and figure i have to start attracting better people for myself. think ive let my weight dictate far too much particularly men.. so anywho heres to an improved me on the inside, soon to be a new me on the outside.

anyway food diary


oh my god had this weird dream last night. dreams within dreams kind of a thing. i basically dreamt that id had a dream in my dream that i had a big roast while on ss, then i woke up and had to figure out if i did act have it only to turn out id a fry lol!!!!! awful woke up thinking i screwed the week up then remembered it was a dream!!! :)

feeling good. looking forward to weigh in now on monday :)

think ill get thru the weekend a lot better than had anticipated.

hope youre all enjoying yours :) its sunny in london :)

oh and took some psyllium husk capsules and think things might be starting to move!!!
Hi :)

Really enjoyed reading your last 2 posts:D

I think it's great that you are feeling so positive and are analysing how you feel and how that affects how you eat, that's so important for the future when you're at goal.

Well done on getting out there right at the start of the diet. I waited over a month last time as I was so scared I'd crack and a voddie would fly down my throat before I could argue:eek: When I eventually did go out, I had a great time and realised I could be in control, and therefore missed out on a good few nights out beforehand rolleyes:

You mentioned being in control:) I think that is the great thing about Cambridge, most overweight people including myself have hardly ever felt in control around food, I know that whilst on all previous diets I would lose control quite quickly (normally if scales didnt move:sigh:) But with Cambridge I did feel in control all the time and this was the key to me sticking to it and losing the weight.

Hope the rest of your weekend is going well, looking forward to seeing your weigh in results on Monday.

Hi Tracey, you're encouragement is much appreciated. good to have your posts to edge me on :) x yeah im determined to not get hooked on shakes and to do this weight loss properly i.e. address and change my relationship with food and learn to be happy with myself while over weight rather then just when i lose it. over the past year ive let a lot of people treat me like absolute poop! From friends to men. i used to be so stylish, hair was immaculate dressed really well and just took a lot of pride in myself and since the weight piled back on, i dunno its like i went ok so youre not good enough to spend money on clothes, and you cant get a gorgeous lovely guy, so lets just settle for god knows what and hope for the best! well sod that now, this week has been a big eye opener and im excited about the road ahead.

day five went very well. not sure how much water i drank but id say i hit the 2.25 litre mark. would like to be going to the bathroom a bit more so afraid i may have to go down the road of a laxative tomorrow although im hoping the psyllium husks ive taken will get things moving.... hmmmm.

did a sober night out again tonight. its amazing how less paranoid you become when youre out sober, it makes you look around and not judge cos thats not fair, but the people you used to worry about, you see in a whole new different light. its nice and reassuring.

feeling good about myself, cant believe tomorrow is day 6, week one has been relatively easy so im a bit worried about week 2. however all i can do is stay positive and focused. x
WEIGH IN DAY!!!!!! :)

wow so day seven has landed and apart from being exhausted after a hectic weekend I feel great!!!! Weigh in at 6.30 tonight. Bit nervous about week two, hope the novelty of the shakes dont wear off lol :) Gonna start doing a bit of exercise this week, nothing too crazy but like some sit ups, press ups and arm toning exercises. Have a birthday party fancy dress in three weeks (two weeks sat) and dressing up as burlesque so would like to be looking good for it! Had a great weekend, its amazing,what a weekend of no drink and socialising can do for a girls confidence. Loved it. It was like I felt comfortable in my own skin, I was in control and Id a blast. Defo good for the mind body and soul :) actually the really nice guy behind the bar saw me trying to make my shake in a pint glass and bless his heart he put it in a cocktail shaker for me so it wouldnt be lumpy :) got the piss ripped out of me by the lads but not in a nasty way, more as good banter. but the way i see it is when im down two stone by september everyone will be like fairplay to ya! so im not bothered. Danced my heart off all weekend and yesterday was in 5 inch wedges from 12 o clock in the day to 12 at night so think the legs got a great toning session lol :) in work today and quite tired but spirits are in good form. the girls said i was in such good form the weekend you wouldnt even notice i wasnt drinking so there all really supportive :) this really weekend opened my eyes, about not just me but about some of the people ive been hanging around with.... time to wise up. also i think with my weight and just life in general in london ive been a big ball of worry since i moved over ya know worries over my weight, meeting new people. impressing my boss, impressing housemates, starting over after two years at home while my dad was sick, it was like i didnt even know who i was anymore if that makes sense? anywho i dunno but the past seven days i havent had food to distract me and ive dealt with a lot of things that were niggling at me. its a nice feeling. head is the clearest its been in a long time :)

anywho yup choc shake this morning... was nommy! had a giggle to myself cos i actually enjoyed it :) its like chocolate milk lol.

so anywho will update you all on the weigh in tonight :)

have a great monday x

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