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Cambridge diet and periods


2012..my year2b a size 10
OMG!!! My periods are already messed up, extremely heave and VERY painful!! Not looking forward to those hormones!
it's cos the hormones are fat soluble. Although they always knew being too thin (no body fat) could stop your periods, over recent years they've discovered that having too much body fat could cause irregular, heavy and/or painful periods.


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I've come on yesterday just weighed myself and looks like I've puta. Pound on! Tummy feels awful!
Don't stress too much hon.. it's not "real" weight gain. It comes off in a weigh in or 2
Ok so anyone who stuck through this diet can tell me of my period is going to be constant it's been 2 weeks already...
:confused: Honestly I want to lose weight but I don't know if I can deal with a constant period it's driving me insane...
I had one every 10 days for my whole 12 weeks lasted ages too. Was prob on a period for 2/3rds of the diet. It messes with you cycle but it will return to normal. Stick with it. The results are fab and it's only for 12 weeks.

Total loss on cambridge - 2 stone 11lb :)
I'm I'm my fifth week of ketosis. 4 weeks of this I have been on my totm... Any one can tell me how long till this stops?


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I was the opposite. Mine disappeared completely when i was on the diet and have never really settled since.
It's not heavy but not light but constant
Hi my names Meela, I started CD last week Tuesday, it has been a week. My first weigh in was Monday and I had lost only 2kg without any cheating. I am a PCOS sufferer and I take metformin, my period started on Saturday but it is not constant it stops for a day and comes back. I am disappointed with my weight loss results. Anyone that can advice me. It's my first time doing CD and it's my first time on minimins. Thanks :)

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