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Cambridge Virgin - Day THREE

Hi Everyone :wavey:

I am a newbie..and need some advice please. I am on day three of SS+, going stronge but feel the urge to eat at times. But I have done myself a "fat" photo album, so whenever I feel the urge for food, I reach for my photo album. I was after some advice PLEASE...

Im going to a wedding on Friday night, I'm driving so that way I cant have a glass of vino or 2....but how do I resist the buffett and any suggestions what I can drink???

Also how do you cope when you out & about, do you drink your shakes in public, hide in the corner haha.

P.S. How do I do tickers, aviators, profile picture etc... I love this forum, so glad I found the online support :love:
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If out and about I use the tetras as all you have to do is stick a straw in it. Not sure what to suggest about the wedding really as I would probably have a night off for it and drink coke zero or something like that.
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Thanks TattyMoo, can I ask ... what is a tetras?? I have read people talking about them, but don't have a clue what it is LOL. Its day three for me, and its hard at times but really want to stick at it. I have done WW, SW for on and off for 10years and haven't lost anything!! I was even going to have "hypnosis gastric band". But I meet a mum at the my DS school and she lost three stone and she has really inspired me to do the same. Do you have any hints or tips to share...I think I am gonna just stick to water at the wedding, not sure how I am gonna avoid that buffett (take my photo album haha) !!


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Good luck on the diet, I am sure you will be fantastic! Tetras, are pre made milkshakes that you buy from your CD they come in 3 flavours , choc, strawberry and banana.


Yummy Mummy in the making
S: 14st9lb C: 12st9lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 34.6 Loss: 2st0lb(13.66%)
Tetras are shakes that come in cartons and you can get them in choc, strawberry or banana. They are a little more expensive than the packets but are really nice. I actually use half a tetra per day as my milk in coffee as I'm doing SS and have the other half later on in the day so its as if I'm having more ;)
I'm on day 2 of my restart, I did the diet last year but fell pregnant and had to stop so back now to lose all the baby weight :)

Hayley 22

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Hello and Welcome,

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Good luck with the wedding on Friday night. I haven't yet had an outing whilst on CD so have avoided that situation.

You could ask your CDC to swap a shake for a tetra (shake already made in a carton) for that night?
Ah thank you, OnlyMe. We went out on Sunday, and there I was with my shake in a promax shaker and my coffee frother ... but it was still lumpy LOL. Why do they say after day three it becomes easier?? Does your body not crave food anymore??
Congraulations TattyMoo on your new baby, I also had a baby last year (21 DEC)...So I have got no excuse with the baby weight because he is nearly a year now !!

Thanks Hayley22, that is a good idea..do you think I will be getting funny looks drinking the shake LOL, hopefully everyone else will be too tipsy to realise LOL. Haha ok I will have to earn my tickers & Aviators then...you gonna see me on here everyday now LOL xxx

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