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Camels Breath


Gonna be slim again
MMMm Apparently i have the breath of a 1000 camels:cry: Apart from sucking on a toothbrush all hours, are there any tips on things i can have to combat this?
Never one to exagerate but...Peoples faces are starting to blister when i breathe on them :p

Cheers shipmates
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Listerine strips, tongue scraper, floss, water water water!! it does improve though...pwomise!!!
a man....exagerate...nooooooo! lol
Loads of water and plenty of mouthwash! x


soon to be minnie mouse
LOL more water i'm afraid, but at least you know your in ketosis and along with the camels breath is lots of lbs dropping off your humps
LOL Jack, blistering faces huh? I use Gold Spot spray, seems to do the trick. Small price to pay for the dramatic loss though hun.


Silver Member
Hi Jack, I find really scrubbing my tongue with the toothbrush (specially the back bit) and that Dentyl mouthwash, the one that when you spit it out all sorts of clag appear in the sink!! :eek:
It seems to work for me. The others are right about the water, the more you drink, the less you stink!! :strikeout_button: xx


Gonna be slim again
Thanks for the advice guys, so i can assume that the camels breath is a by product of ketosis? At least it has fringe benefits; i can now strip the paint from the back door easily now!!!:sign0151:
Burn baby burn


I will do this!!!
I got some gold spot spray from asda today and its great!
Lol! Love the paint stripping comment!!!!

I found I spent the first fortnight talking with my hand across my mouth! I'm neurotic about my breath as it is without the added joy of ketosis breath!!!!

My children reassure me that my breath doesn't smell now (they don't pass out when I breathe on them) and I put that down to drinking plenty of water.

Welcome to the great state of being in ketosis! Let the fat melting commence!

Sorry, but...............................:rotflmao:
worth it tho!!!
T x


Is Irrepressible!! : )
I got a shed load of listerine strips from an ebay seller from the US (user name coolaroni). I managed to get 50 packs for £17.57 including postage, which I thought was amazing. AND they are cinnamon flavour and are very, very nice. She does other ones as well. Just thought I'd share.

Oh, and they are called Listerine Pocketpaks in the US. xx


Is Irrepressible!! : )

Don't bother looking yet as she doesn't have any items for sale xx
Hi All

Just had an email from Val at LT and she says dont use Cinnamon listerine strips! .. thats great been munching them for 3 days because i was fed up of minty ones ( i hate mint and usually use cinnamon toothpaste but switched when i went onto LT because it helped the keto breath).. now wondering if I have been knocked out of ketosis as have been feeling a bit peckish this week or if thats just in my head !


Gonna be slim again
Thanks for the advice guys, I absolutely adore cinnamon! I would have been scared it would make me want food, so i'll stick with the mint sticks.
Cheers all x


Is Irrepressible!! : )
Why can't you use the cinnamon strips? I checked them out and they are still carb and calorie free (so the packet says).

I am starting to worry now..... although I have only had a few. Bugger, bugger, bugger. But they are sooooo nice!
Why is it we find something good only to be found we can't use it after all? :(
I dunno the email from Val at LT said do not use Citrus Fresh( Obvious) or Cinnamon ones.. maybe it doesnt knock you out of ketosis but it just gives you a taste for something thats not bland?? i will email and ask because i want to know if thats why im starving today !
Hmmm, well I've been using them for the last few days too and have to say haven't noticed the slightest bit of difference in any way. Don't feel hungry and don't crave anything new... this sucks :( Citrus fresh ones are yucky anyway but cinnamon ones are yum!

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