At least I won't drown


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I was teaching my daughter how to float on her back. She kept sinking. Being in responsible adult mode, I kept pulling her back up... so she could sink again. I tried to make myself sink to figure out why she was but I couldn't.

Then, as I pulled my tankini down for the umpteenth time to catch my escaping belly again (can someone remind me why I thought a tankini was a good idea?) it dawned on me. She's very slender and I'm, well, not and we all know that fat floats.

A trepetatious Google revealed that people with a higher body fat content do indeed float and boy could I float.

I knew I'm fat (I have no negative associations with word "fat" BTW so no negative self talk here) but who knew it would be handy if I fell off a boat?

The problem is, I'm not really a seafaring kinda gal. Despite begging my husband to consider living on a narrow boat when we were house hunting, he vetoed it on account of him being giant sized and apparently he didn't really fancy spending all his time hunched over.

The next time I went swimming I enjoyed some interesting floating tricks but then walking up some steps later I was out of breath. Let's be honest, being your own life jacket is great but being able to breath comfortably is much more important. Unless you're a mermaid but I guess they must need to swim along the bottom of the sea sometimes too.

I've never had the out of breath thing going up steps (apart from going up to Whitby Abbey but frankly if you get to the top still talking normally, you're the odd one). I've avoided running for the bus and so forth so I guess I must have known how bad it got. I've also avoided social occasions because I had nothing to wear. I've been dismissing the chubb rub as dry skin but I need to acknowledge it. Now I think of it, the whole hidden fat around your heart etc is kinda scary too.

So yeah, I need to lose weight. I'm getting some scales tomorrow to see just how much but I think it's maybe 4st. A big number but achievable.