Old School SW Newbie here 💋


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Newbie on here but old School SW! Wanted to say Hi!...& looking forward to Minimins being my New BIBLE! Not that i had an old One! (Atheist) So Hi...Into my 4th week now!...Lost 3lb 1st week! Maintained 2nd Week! (Could live with that) still 1½lb a week! 3rd week +1.4lb...WTAF?...So into my 4th week (this next Saturday Tues today) so 3 weeks & 3 days...So I've lost ½ lb a week...I need to reassess my life!...
NEVER used to eat breakfast... now I do even tho it's usually midday...& been REALLY good APART from yesterday I ate ½ a piece of cake as a TREAT for being sooooo good! (Really I was p#ssed off cos I'd got on the scales) hehe!...So All you lovely (Ladies & Gents & Them & Those & it's) are gunna help me through this as All of my Questions Answers will be on here!...Love to all you losers on here...I'm looking forward to starting Week 4 with this Amazing Group!!! Much Love ❤ xxx
Welcome, come join us on the Easter Challenge 2022 and the Team 50 - Christmas 2022 threads. I find posting a weight each week very motivational, maybe you will too!