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Hi all
I am just looking for some advice from you all,i used to do ww diet and lost 3 stone then put it back on and have done the cambridge diet size feb and lost 2 stone but causing many problem at home with me not eating and only drinking water.Thinking of going bk to ww to loose my last 10lb,but i have been told i will put on alot is this true?
Any advice
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I think it is your eating habits that will determine if you put weight on, not what diet you choose. Have you learned stuff about yourself whilst doing cd?
Hi hun, someone on here was saying they had switched from CD to WW for their last bit and I remember them saying they hadn't put any on (altho had stayed the same for a couple of weeks but then carried on losing). I did CD and have to say I think you are nearly there and only have 10lb left maybe you should start working up the plans and re-introducing food, as this will re-educate you to eat properly and also mean that you can come off it without putting any on.

Obviously its your decision but I would say instead of switching diets it may be easier to follow the CD plan to the end (if I had done that I wouldnt be where I am now). With CD you WILL put the weight back on if you dont learn to eat healthily and a balanced diet- WW can help you do that but ultimately CD may be better for you as with WW you can choose to eat whatever you fancy as long as you are within your points, whereas the last part of CD is about introducing food in a new way...

good luck with whatever you choose to do hun xxx
I no what your saying and totally agree with you its the fact going to a party tommorrow night and only being able to have water,at least with ww you can have diet coke,i was told my cd foorum if i drink the diet coke tommorrow i will put on what i have lost,i dunno what to do
Awww hun, I went there too. The only thing I will say is that with CD diet coke can kick you out of ketosis so not advisable. Coke ZERO on the other hand is ok (anyone in the know can tell you that and it is in the newer CD manuals)- not all zero drinks are ok tho, only the ones without citric acid. For eg Dr Pepper zero is ok but Fanta zero isnt.

I know its hard as I have been there, but as soon as I started allowing myself things that werent part of the plan it all went to pot, and I, along with loads of others on here in the same situation, NEVER managed to get back on track. Seriously hun, altho this feels hard, the first time is most definitely the easiest, and if you quit now you will be unlikely to be able to get back on and stick with it. I only know of literally one or two ppl who have successfully climbed back on the wagon and then gone on to reach their goal after "cheating".

The only reason i am saying this is I know the weekends are bloody hard and i want to encourage you because you are SO close to goal that i want you to think if its really worth sabotaging all your hard work for the sake of a missing a couple more nights/meals out.... in my opinion I would rather be slim, able to stay slim and catch up on the meals and drinks later, than quit so close to goal and risk undoing all i had done!

Please dont feel bullied by this, i am just being honest! xxx
thanks very much for all advice,causing few problems with me and partner,going to have a day off and get bk on it as i done this4 wks ago after a holiday,im an old weight watcher member got to my goat at 16! youngest to do this at weight watchers only 4lb away on ww records!I will just stick with it as dont wanna loose my relation ship either!


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Hi Gemma!!

The very best of luck whatever you decide and well done on your loss to date!! - you've done brilliant.

To be honest, I don't know anything about CD so I'm probably not the best to offer advice (like nikki who knows both diets so well) but, from what you are saying about your relationship, you may rightly have to rearrange your priorities diet wise..

Your still definately not failing (if you switch diets)- you've made a conscious decision to continue dieting until you loose your final 10lbs and thats brilliant. All you are doing is choosing (therefore completely in control) how you would like to shed the last bit. You've done so brilliantly on cd - I dont have a doubt in my head that ww will be a breeze for you.

weight watchers really is brilliant - and I think its a great way to start re introducing food - a healthy, proven to work plan - which encourages you to have a little of everything in moderation and to eat more veg (god I sound like Im advertising here he he!!) - its getting you off on the "right foot" eating wise, if you know what I mean.

I can understand how not eating could put a strain on things at home, it must limit where you can go together/ what you can do. I think ww sounds perfect for you.

From my experience on here, those who join us from cd may stay the same for a week or two, or gain 2 pounds the first week - then straight back to loosing the following.

Best of luck again pet. xxx
Hi Gemma,

I can only echo what the others have said. WW is THE most amazing diet. Nothing is forbidden, which I find helps me stay on track so much better. I think its a great option for going to after CD, you may put on a couple of lbs your first week but thats just your body adjusting

Good luck with WW, look forward to hearing how youre doing
Thanks all,i have made my mind up now going to see if i can do the cd for a few more weeks then once finished will def come back to ww as i no the diet inside out!!
Hi Gemma

I am a ww'er and I did CD a while ago. On 3rd April I am restarting CD as Im so disheartened by a 'slower (and more healthier)' weight loss. I like the ww diet but I like the quickness of the weight loss on CD even though it is torture!

Good luck with your journey un!

Hi Gemma!! how'd your night out go?
Hi Gemma!! how'd your night out go?

was just thinking, the only thing that I would hate about CD is this - I've peeked at the odd signature and although its undeniable that some of the losses are absolutely fantastic and some weeks are huge, I've seen the odd ones with 2lb, 3lb etc.. lost in a week. Now, although that is still absolutely brilliant and its all a step in the right direction, I would be very p*ssed off if I had gone without food for a whole week and lost the same amount I would on a weeks (eating) ww. Thats just me though!!! vlcds are still great for fast losses. Do you know what I mean?
Im doing ok thanks Paula! Had a weekends break from the shakes!! Back on them today going to try and get a bit more off then i will be back at ww at my goal weight!! How are you doing?

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