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can anyone help me with my maths? grams teaspoon and tablespoon?

I know that a tsp contains 5ml and a tablespoon 15ml....but depending on what I put on the spoon the weight differs doesn't it as the volume is different? Or am I wrong? Thing is - it's easy to measure a level spoonful of fluid or sugar..but some things are easier to measure if I weigh them....like peanut butter or jam.

Would it still be 5grams or rather 15grams if I use my scales or is that too much and a level tsp of peanut butter is actually lighter?

Sorry, I failed in maths:)
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Hi hun, like you i am also poor at maths :(

If i was you id stick to using the tsp and tbsp in whatever you are measuring no matter what it is that is what i do.


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I use the scales for most things, i.e put my dinner on the scales and weigh out 15g of mayo.

If you're unsure why not put the measuring spoon on the scales and fill it up and see if it = 5/15g?
Then you will know for that product in the future x
yeah, use measuring spoons as well...but the one for the teaspoon still looks quite little :) Think I'll try and weigh and then put it back on a spoon :)


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I always have troyble with this, unless it's liquid or very fine it will include a lot of air so be less than 15g, plus be difficult to level out. I always try and get syns per tbsp if I can, otherwise I guesstimate at around 10g, depending on the consistency of the ingredient.


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Just a thought, if it's something you use a lot you could measure out, say, 20 tbsp of it and weight that, then divide that by 20 - that would give you an average for whatever that ingredient is, write it down and use that as your syn value in future.

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