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Can anyone help me with some info?


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Hi guys,

I have been thinking about joining LL for a few months, I lost loads on SF but I have just weighed myself and gained, I'm now 11.7 stone!!! :cry::cry:

I have been told it's expensive, can anyone tell me how much it is and what it is like??

Any help will be greatfully recieved!! :(
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Well you could probably go on lighterlife lite as your not that heavy and you bmi is lower than 30 i think thats 3 packs aday and ameal at night not sure on the cost of that but on lighterlife it's £66 aweek thats for people with a bmi of over 30 hope i have helped a little.

x x x sam x x x
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Hey Lind its £66 for all your foodpacks, and the 1.5hr councelling session and pop ins, however if you totalled how much you spend on food per week, alcohol, take out, vending machines you might find like alot of us your saving money, plus is their a price on your health?
The diet is successful and one of the most supportive diets ive ever been on, its for you to decide but its the best thing ive ever done!


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Heya Lind!
Great progress so far! Could the gain be attributed to any water retention or TOTM? :)
And I would suggest LL Lite if you are considering going for a more strict regime from SF. Your BMI is quite low to go on full abstinence. :)

Lite encompasses 3 food replacements per day (which costs £49.50 per week) which are two shakes and a bar. It also includes a small meal per day which is made up of some protein and vegetables - and should equal to no more than 300-350 calories in total.
You don't need to do a doctor's check for Lite, or any monthly check-ups. Since you already have a good degree of food control from doing SF (well done!!) I wouldn't suggest doing the full abstinence.
The results on both abstinence and Lite are very similar. At least I didn't see much difference when I kept to strict portion control on Lite!

Of course, the alternative is Cambridge diet, which is similar in price to Lite, but cheaper than main LL.



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I think you have to have a BMI of over 30 to start on full abstinence LL. However, as Min says, you are eligible for LL Lite and I'm sure this would give you great results.

Good luck whatever you decide. xx


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LL will get you to goal far quicker than you could ever imagine and also will tesch you that youe body does not need loads of food. You will also get the tools and techniques to help you control your weight for the rest of your life - so money well-spent!

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