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can anyone help?

Hi guys, Iv just popped over from the Slimmingworld bit to ask a question.

Iv been maintaining my 5stone loss with slimmingworld for almost a year now, but am due some events soon and need to shift a few lbs a bit quicker than what i will get from eating my normal sw way. Usually time isnt an issue for me and much prefer doing it a healthy way, however a girls gotta get her bum in a dress for an ocasion and it'd look a bit better a few lbs lighter.

having only ever done sw, (i have 'tried' many a diet, but none whole heartedly or for a decent amount of time and effort) and my head fully in sw mode all the time, i didnt feel it benificial to try and get my head around a different eating plan when i knew id only be 'deflecting' as it were for two weeks at most.

so, having actually lost a few lbs on the special k diet many moons ago, and being that its proberley the most simple, being it only two bowls of cereal and a meal a day.

Im absoloutly miserable and starving and really miss sw already. Its only day one, - i know.. im pathetic! lol

sorry, stop rambeling now.. my Q is iv never calorie counted and dont know where to start, but im wondering what the calorie intake was today?

if i list my days eating could some kind person with a spare 5 minutes enlighten me.

breakfast: 40g special k and 150 ml semi skimmed

snack: 5 cubes of melon (prepacked, says 54kcals?)

lunch: 40 special k sustain, 125 ml semi skimmed

snack: 1 green apple

tea: 1 baked pot ( about the size of a computer mouse) 1 small individual tin of baked beans - you know the small ones?) a tiny bit of flora light, a handful of salad leaves and 4 cherry toms.

iv had about just over half a litre of diet lemonade and lots of water.

dont worry if none of you have time, but if you do id be oober appriciative.

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Well done on your fantastic weight loss so far! I can't help with your calorie count, as I'm not a fan of Special K, but think the calories for a 40g portion are probably listed on the box ... I know other cereals do. Similarly with the baked beans. Lettuce and tomatoes are next to nothing for a bucketful, so you probably don't need to worry about those. If you are going to count calories for a while, try using one of the fantastic free websites that do all the hard work for you ... I use Food Focus - Permanent Weight Loss but there are others that do the same I think. Good luck!
Thanks for the advise hon!
i figured special k would be best as it would literaly take me no time to 'get my head around' as it does with most plans, i did have time to get into the mindset of another eating plan.. but my god do i miss sw already. Im hoping to appriciate it a bit more when i get back and excerise some better self restraint, as iv been a naughty girl the last few weeks with various bbqs and outings setting out to sabotage me lol.

I dont suspect i am taking in many calories, from what i can gather no more than 200kcals for the cereal and milk.. 54 kcals for the melon, 1 apple- not entirely sure? im sure the baked beans were 150kcals or simalar..

i dont think iv had more than say 900 kcals? but i honestly dont know as iv never calorie counted in my life!

well done on your losses also!!! xxx

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