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Red Days Can anyone help?

On extra easy you only use 1 A and 1 B also you can mix both red and green days together.

On red you can have 2 A and 2 B choices and its all about your meats...so if you wanted potatoes, pasta, rice you would either have to weigh and syn them or weigh and use them as a healthy B.

I hope this helps xx
Well ive only just started again since Thursday, even tho ive done the plan before i always mix from extra easy, green and red in my week. Although my consultant in class said that Red days work best for her and alot of other people.

Yeah that's why Im switching, I had a good loss the first few weeks but it's slowing down. My friend does it as well and she always has a 2lb+ loss every week so Im switching to see if it's better.
I can't do red unless it's the odd here and there - i need the carbs! I've just switched to green though and finding i'm thinking about it less than i was with EE, i know where i stand with green!
I do a lot of red days - they suit my body better than green even though I think green days are easier. Do EE occasionally but must admit I prefer the extra HE's you get on green n red days!


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i prefer red days.

I lose better as it limits my pasta/rice intake and bread, both of which i find bloat me out if i eat them in excess.

Thanks for this thread. I was just about to post myself and ask if anyone prefers red days or does better on them as I am thinking of going red myself as I find more protein makes me less hungry and stops me reaching for the high syn stuff.

Is there anyone who does only red??
my slimming world consultant thinks ee makes you lose the most but for me it doesnt i tend to maintain alot, she said i must be doing it wrong and not having 1/3 superfree at every meal, whch is probably right. i have been doing ee this week but i definitely lose more doing red, the only thing i find if i do red every day i get constipated (sorry tmi) so i tend to throw in a green day a day or so before weigh in lol


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Hi I did red every day
I couldn't see myself with unlimited pasta etc and losing, as well as I am naturally a meat eater :)
I lost my 3 1/2 stone in 6 months, so now trying to do EE, but generally find myself going off plan on weekends and doing red during the week which seems to help me maintain.

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