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can anyone see what i'm doing wrong ?


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i've been back at slimming for almost 11 weeks now and i have only lost half a pound
i know if i wasn't there i would have eaten my self silly and i know that i've not been 100 % but my eating is okay. i'm gunna put up my food diarys and i'm wonder if i'm not eating enough?
anyone welcome to comment i need people to tell me if can change anything and and helpful hints?

Extra easy

Hi Fi bar-HexB
Options-2 syns

Phillidephia 52g-4 syns

Jacket Potato
Mixed Salad
28g Cheese-HexA
1tsp Marg- 1.5

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First thing I've noticed is no superfree with your lunch hun.
To lose only half a pound in all that time there must be something amiss. Has your consultant seen any diaries or offered any advice?


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yeah i think i'm just not in the right frame of mind but i want to lose a stone by christmas

and i dont know what to have with pasta dishes thats super free?
cause garlic bread isnt superfree ( i wish it was tho )
I'd agree not enough superfree foods. There are lots of foods you can add to pasta, onions, mushrooms, peppers, courgettes, cauliflower. I just add anything which takes my fancy.

Have you had a look at the other food diaries on here for ideas?

Also I'd do a search for superfree foods/lunch ideas, there have been so many threads about these recently you are bound to get some inspiration.;)


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thankyou for that i will have a look i might try adding mushrooms and maybe cutting up some cucumber to have with it
and in corperate some fruit


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I always have a side salad with pasta. And I tip the pasta and sauce onto a plate with the salad (try it you'll be surprised at how big your pasta portion is!!)


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a added the mushrooms and had some cuecumber with it
it seemed like a huge meal for lunch well a late lunch
but i feel full which will stop me snacking
can i keep putting my meal plans up or do i need to move to a different fourum cause i think it will help me see what i'm doing wrong with all you fab guys advice


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You have not added your profile but I was wondering if your target is realistic for someone of your height?

If it is too low then that can be a reason for low weight losses

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