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Can anyone tell me..

Ive just started taking Xenical (last Fri) and ive not had any of the dreaded side effects that ive heard so much about but Ive been really careful so far with my fat intake so far. I've got a family meal at a chinese restaurant in a few weeks time which im dreading as I know the food will be dripping in fat. I was wondering - ive heard that you get the runs if you eat food high in fat, what I want to know is, is it an instant thing where you have to dash to the loo imediately or is it just that the next time you need to go, its diarhea?? Only if its is like that i wont take the Xenical tablet that evening. would appreciate some feedback :)
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when i first visited the nurse on the day i was prescribed my xenical, she said that if i wasnt sure about the fat content of a meal or knew the fat content was higher than 15 then not to take my tablet in order to escape the 'side effects'. so i guess i would reccomend doing this and then choosing the healthiest possible meal when you do get there???
hope this helps a little
H x
Thanks Hayles. The trouble is my willpower and whether i'll be able to turn down crispy aromatic duck! sounds bad as believe it or not I am really determined to lose weight and am doing well so far. Its just when i've got temptation in front of me I dont know whether i'll be able to resist. part of me thinks I should just take the pill and hope for the best and deal with any concequences but the other part of me thinks i should just give it a miss that night. I just havent had any accidents yet and i dont want to experience anything horrible in a restaurant! Im not too worried if I get the trots the next day - id just be mortified if anything happened when I was out! x
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Hi michey,

You wont get the side effects if you're doing it right, which it sounds like you are.
In response to your chinese dilemma....it can take between 12-36 hours for most people to have their reaction, depends totally on the person.
I wouldnt recommend skipping a tablet unless the meal has no fat in it at all...the idea is that we use the tablet to make better food choices, i have had chinese in xenical...i had a chow meinand was fine....another time I had prawn toast and I had a reaction....not pleasant but then was too be expected as I knew it was high in fat and took the tablet.

Its your decision....good luck either way...its not about restricting yourself to the extent that you are missing out.
Could you maybe have some homemade veg soup before you go so that you arent making decisions on an empty stomach, just to take the edge off....and if you know the menu you could pick what you're having in advance of the night or they may have a menu on their website if they have one.
Thank you ever so much for your reply - I agree totally with what you are saying. I think i'll take the tablet and just make better choices when i'm out xx
i wudnt reccomend skippin ur tabs as it can lead to bad habits, sometimes if we get the bad effects it mks us try harder to be good wiv wot we r eating! x