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Can anyone work this out for me please? :)

the mince will be 6pp
the oil will be 1pp.
the only one i can find on esource is

Tesco Healthy Living Extra Lean Steak Mince which is 4pp for 125g , 6pp for 200g
yep thats really good :) ...... if you can do it without the extra oil it will save you another 1pp too :D

i've never added extra oil if i cook beef mince ..... not that i've cooked it yet while on the diet but before i started i never used to use it..... i find even the extra lean stuff produces enough oil without it .... and i still drain it once its browned before adding other ingredients :) ..... my oil in my cupboard went out of date over 2 years ago and i still have half a bottle of it in the cupboard and its only a 1 litre bottle, lol :D.
yep its not too bad if you are making a lot and it can divide down to nothing :D

lol i had to buy a new frylight too when i started this diet as mine of that was over a year out of date, lol.
....... i only really use it if i'm doing a stir fry as my wok is loosing its non stick coating, lol.... i must admit i use frylight a lot more then oil when i need to add something to stop it sticking, or to brown the breadcrumbs during cooking if i make scotch eggs :D


Finally Pregnant!!
Yea I'm the same bridesmaidtobe.. I put it in a dry pain.. Then drain it.. Then I rinse it wit a kettle of boiling water to wash off any remaining oil.. Then add back to the pain for a min to "dry off" the water.. Then add my veg or whatever i'm having with it..
That's my 'thing' whether i'm being good or not.. Hate my food to taste greasy/oily...
Also good to kno the tesco one is only 4 for 125g.. :D
lol i don't go as far as rinsing the oil off but yep i hate greasy food ..... unless its a chinese or from the chip shop but even then i'm not keen on it being really greasy.

i went out for dinner at the beginning of this year and ordered a lasagne and it was just swimming in the fat ... it was in a shallow dish and i swear there was more grease then lasagne ! :(