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can fish oils suppress hunger??


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I've never heard of fish oils supressing ones appetite - I've used them for my son who has aspergers, not sure it made a difference but I don't think I persavered with them long enough and he was not the easiest child to make take them.

I'd love to know if there is any truth behind this cause if its the case I'm hitting boots at 8am tomorrow!! :D


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just been sent an email from someone at my uni doing a study investigating whether fish oils can suppress hunger :rolleyes: im sceptical to say the least!

im mainly confused as to how this would work? and if it does work, why isnt there some crazy faddy fish oil diet out there? or is there? xx
I suppose that's why they are doing the study - to find out if it really works. But there have been previous studies


Just remember that if you are thinking of taking part, fish oil supplements may have a syn value.
thanks Circes :) i take part in quite a lot of the studies as it's a great way to get vouchers for the bookshop so i can get my textbooks on the cheap! but definitely none that involve eating anything :( xx


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We had this at class the other day. Apparently 1 teaspoon of codliver oil is 2 syns. Not sure how that equates to supplement size though (1000mg is ? teaspoons!)
I take an omega 3 supplement as I don't eat fish (apart from prawns and they have a low omega 3 content).
I've never been able to find a syn value and as I've always taken them, it really does not bother me.
But....as for suppressing appetite - can't say that I've ever noticed anything!!!
As with all of these things, we all work in different ways, so some 'miracle' cure for being overweight is never likely to work for the majority (or perhaps I'm just getting a little cynical now!). x


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I don't think that fish oils suppress appetite. Rather, omega 3 and 6 oils are essential and need to be in the diet, albeit in small quantities. Without them our bodies can not make our hormones correctly, which can lead to difficulty losing weight. But it is only a small amount needed. You could just eat omega 3 eggs, which would be free.

Roz V

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I've taken Omega 3 fish oil for a very long time - it's supposed to help with heart problems, and ideal for people who don't eat a lot of oily fish.

I've certainly not noticed any appetite supressant properties - but then I'm also on steroids, which tend to INCREASE appetite!!!

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