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  1. imey

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    and ask some questions please?
    I've not been doing WW long but I have a few questions.
    Firstly.. the bernard matthews turkey ham. In the book it says 20g is 0.5 points.
    I measured it and it's not much so worked it out for 40g. It still came out at 0.5pt. So I worked it out for 60g and it came back as 1pt. Is this right? I'm making a pasta dish and wanted to see how much ham I could use.

    Do you all add 0.5pt on if you have 2 of the same thing? If I work it out as 2, it's always half a point more than if I worked them out individually.

    The free soup.. is it really free or does there come a time where you have to start pointing it as you've eaten so much of it that day?

    Hellman's lighter than light mayo.. my friend says its unlimited, but I worked it out as half a point?

    Yesterday I ate quite a lot but I was left over with 2.5 points but it doesn't seem right because I felt so full.
    Would anyone mind telling me where i've gone wrong if I have;
    1 ww bread (0.5)
    2 ww bacon (1)
    Sauce (0.5)

    Total - 2

    veggie burgers x 2 (4)
    2 x pitta breads (3.5)
    Mayo (0.5)

    Total - 8

    WW Tomato basil chicken (4)
    Sauce (0.5)
    the biggest pile of veg you can imagine

    Total - 4.5
    WW crisps - 1

    Total for the day 15.5 am I right???
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  3. vanda

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    faffing about
    Hi Imey,

    Not sure if I can really help but will give it a go. There are some strange things with points due to the fact that ww rounds things up/down. If you have a calculator or scales to measure I would go with the points they tell you.

    Lighter than light mayo is not 0 points as far as I am away

    3.5 pts seems low for 2 pittas but it does depend on the size so I may be wrong, other than that your pointing seems ok to me

    Enjoy the fact that if you use your points wisely you can eat loads and not be hungry
  4. Hazykay

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    I hope you're going to understand what I am about to write!! Firstly, 40g of BMTH is 0.5 but 80g is 1.5. I have a calculator app on my iphone which gives me the points to one deciaml place. 40g of BMTH is 0.7 points but the online tracker will round it either up or down, in this case down. When you calculate 80g it's not just a case of doubling your 0.5 to get 1. The online tracker rounds it up in this cas 0.7 x 2 = 1.4, thus rounding it up to 1.5.

    I hope this is clear as I am not very good at expalining myself sometimes lol.

    The free soup is always going to be free. It's a good filling food and great to stretch out your lunch when you have a sandwich.

    The mayo isn't free I'm afraid - 3 tablespoons is 0.5 so your right on that one.

    Your menu from yesterday is fine you are doing well. I'd maybe include some fruit though and eat more points as you aren't using enough.
    This is a great forum for advice, there is always someone on hand to keep you on track!! x
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  5. size102b

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    Hi I agree with vanda the mayo isn't free and pitta bread what make and size is it?
    You know how do work points out? Sat fat and cals ?
    Also you didn't have many points 15.5 I'm sure the lowest is 16 a day ?
    Some foods are odd to work out but I never go to the lower end if I'm not sure as it's easy to under point.
    Hope someone can help xx
  6. imey

    imey Member

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    Thanks for the replies, the pittas were the WW ones at 1.5pt each.
    I'm slowly getting there!
  7. Starlight

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    Weight Watchers
    Im one of the people who bucks the whole rounding up trend lol As far as Im concerned 0.5 + 0.5 = 1 and thats how I count it.

    You should never go below 16 points. If youre struggling, swap something like the WW bread for normal bread that gives you more points without eating more
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