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Can I freeze SW chips?


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never tried it but i dont see why not to be honest. As long as you dont cook them? I cook rice and freeze it in batches. and they are in the same sort of family?
I suppose you can........ however, they will take probably take 15 minutes longer to cook (as they are frozen)..... which is longer than it takes to par boil them.

Less hassle though x


Is so very nearly there!
Had never thought - someone try and get bk to me! olol
I microwave the potatoes whole until cooked, then grill them. This saves time, as I can stick them in the microwave whenever (night before, or before work) and just cut them and grill when I need them.
I par boil, im scared to try anything else lol, my DH bless him is out tonight and i have the girls round so im making cheesy chips and when i looked on bench just now he has gone out but hes cut and peeled all my potatoes so i just have to stick em in the oven, awww x lol
Does anyone know if I can parboil the SW chips and then put them in the freezer?
It would save me a lot of time and I could make a huge batch for another time.
It sounds fine to me but I thought I'd ask people who may have tried it before.

Help would be much appreciated!:)
yeah u can, im not sure if its in this months or last months sw mag but it does suggest freezing some, go for it!!


rainbows holiday buddy :)
mine take 10-15 minutes max.

turn the oven on at it's highest setting. then i cut my potatoes into chips/wedges, then chuck them in a plastic bowl and microwave for a few minutes, shake them and do them for a few minutes more. tip on to a pizza tray (so heat goes through holes in tray too) and spray with frylight and season. then leave in the oven for 5 minutes, give them a shake and put back in until ready.


Is so very nearly there!
Right Im gna try these tonight now lol

Cut up etc as normal - put in micro for few mins - hen under grill - I can do that!

Splendid! x
You can parboil chips in the microwave in about 5 mins just stick them in a covered container with some water ( I use my asda microwave steamer I love this thing u can do veg, pasta, rice everything in the microwave!), you can also free par boiled spuds and cook them from frozen or I have in the past defrosted them in the fridge while i was at work and then cooked them so they were still a bit frozen but not totally frozen they cooked a bit faster then

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