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can i go bk 2 normal after atkins??


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i want to carry on with my atkins based diet an was wonderin if i can do this until ive lost a bit of weight an then start eatin 3 sensible meals a day??i herd that u will put all the weight bk on if u go bk to carbs but surely i wont if i eat sensibly.someone please help.im in a dilemma!
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No, you wont put the weight back on any more than anyone elsr who gets to goal. Portion size and all that.

You will need to gradually increase your carbs bit by bit to restore the glycogen. I'm sure Jim can fill you in on that bit.


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Hi Kirst, Well I have some questions for you.

1. Was eating "normally" what caused you to put on weight.
2. What do you consider is 3 healthy meals are.

My body is carb intolerant, by that I mean if I eat too many carbs in a day I put on weight, so even now that I'm on maintenance I do limit my carbs.

I'll be happy to help you on this diet as will anyone else on here love.
For any diet, if you go back to eating exactly how you did before, you'll end up the same weight you were before - that's how we all got there. It doesn't matter which diet you lost it on.
Personally low-carb is the only way I can lose weight. In the past I've gone 8 weeks on 1000 cals a day and not lost an ounce. So I've concluded I will probably have to restrict carbs for life if I want to be healthy. But that will still allow me to live "normally", healthily and to have some treats.
But your body may be more tolerant of carbs. Plenty of people do Atkins and then maintain on quite a high carb level. Once you get to goal you need to find the right way of eating to maintain your weight and that's bound to be different to how you ate before and will probably be different to how some people around you eat. Everyone has a different metabolism. I figure I'll worry about that when I get near goal, for now I'm going to focus on losing.

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