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Extra Easy Can I have 1/3 superfree after my meal??


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Hi there,

Just a quick question about the 1/3 superfree on EE. Is it possible to have it after the meal, rather than with it? Sometimes I just don't want veg with a meal e.g. I really fancy egg, beans and SW chips tomorrow (something quick as I'm not feeling very well at the mo), but don't really want veggies with it. Bad I know!!! :eek:

If I had fruit after the meal, would that be ok?? Or before even? Or has it got to be with the meal? :confused:

If anyone has any advise it would be gratefully received :)

Sian xx
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I've asked my consultant the same thing. Like you i don't want cabbage with my breakfast of egg and beans on toast. She said its fine to have fruit or veg as snacks between meals. Thats what i do and it hasn't caused me any problems.
I always count fruit eaten before or after a meal that didn't include veg/salad as my 1/3 superfree. As long as you still have your 1/3 I cant see it making a difference when its eaten.


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i think as long as most of your meals have your superfree, or if your not having it, you are filling up wih it as snacks instead of syns it will count.

if i have a meal without my super frees i normally have a fruit (and sometimes yogurt)pudding
The only thing I'd add is that the idea of having 1/3 superfree on your plate is that it stops you eating so much of the other stuff.

So as long as you only have the equivalent of 2/3 plate of your other stuff (SW chips, egg, etc) then you should be fine to have your Superfree later or before.

I think if you have a great big plate of the non-superfree stuff, it would defeat the point.
Another idea my C had last night was to have a mug of soup made of superfree for a starter. I am definitely going to try this next time i get a fancy for a comfort meal!
I don't do EE but a C we had at group this week was raving about it - saying how SW has gone to america now & they are that confident in EE that that's the only plan they have launced over there.

Anyway - it started a discussion about the whole 1/3 superfree thing & somebody asked about a curry - how do you get 1/3 superfree if you have say a chicken curry, rice & chips. Her responce was the onions & tomatoes in the sauce - so then everyone was going on about it & she eventually said that most people at her group don't have the 1/3 free with every meal & it isn't affecting their losses????

As i said i don't do EE - but thought that it was the 1/3 free which makes the plan work??

I agree that maybe some fruit or something first would probably be ok. It would just be like a 2 course dinner :)
I do EE, and realistically, at the moment I am probably having MORE than 1/3 of superfree at each meal. Also, dont forget mushrooms are superfree and go excellently well with a fry up!


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I do green days, where the 1/3 rule isn't as stringent, altough still a good idea.
I used to aim to eat loads of S and SS foods, but never found it made much difference, but now I aim for around 1/2 of my daily food intake to be SF and my losses have finally started again.


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I think some meals it is hard to incorporate the third rule. For example Spag Bol....apart from the tomatoes and mushrooms and peppers actually in the bol, i dont picture my plate with a side of carrots if you know what i mean.

I tend to do Orignal/Red days but threw in a EE yesterday - i just had fruit all day, so it made my third up! hope it works out for me!


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