Can I have a cry..........


As I am feeling so down once again. I could write and tell you all my troubles or I could just pretend that everything is alright..... usually the latter is best for me.

Well I have done it again...binged and now I feel like cack..It's not just food it's a mixture of different emotions and I don't seem to be able to pull myself together.

I am going to the Maldives for the 3rd time in 8 weeks and can I stick to SS.....can I 'eckers like. I have 2 stone to get off and I know that going away should be an incentive but I am finding it so hard.

I just feel so unhappy and feel as if I am ready to explode. I am so sorry for such a miserable post but I guess i need help and I for one are not usually forth-coming in asking for it.

Thanks for reading

Steffi X
Hiya Steffi

Well done on posting you have just by doing this broken a pattern that is really bad for you by not asking for help... we all need help girl and that is what we are here for!!

Have you established why you are feeling all crappy?? when did you have your 'binge'??

i know the feeling of feeling like pure crap after eating crap but the best thing you can do is just to stop now and get back on the ss train... believe me i know how hard that is BUT i also know how rewarding it is if you can at all achieve it!!

my cdc said something to me one weekend when i thought i might cheat and it really stuck with me and it went like this... she said if you feel like eating just imagine packing your suitcase with all the lovely clothes that you will be able to wear if you stick with cd until your holidays and then just imagine packing your suitcase with all the clothes that you really don't want to bring but have to just because they fit you... i thought it was a very good thought and it worked for me!!!

i hope you feel better soon girl

Gen xx
Hi Steffi

I'm so glad you have posted as it really is the very best thing you can do. Sometimes we think we're being all brave and grown-up by keeping our thoughts and feelings to ourselves when what we really need is to let it all out. Asking for help is never a problem as that's why we're all here - to help each other get through the tough times as well as celebrate each others' successes.

We all have days when we binge - to a greater or lesser degree. Sometimes there's no other reason than we 'just fancied it', sometimes there are deeper, underlying emotional reasons. Whatever it is, the important thing is to draw a line under it and put it behind you .. not dwell on it as that will only make you feel worse.

So, OK, you binged - but you still have 2 weeks to go before your lovely holiday .. and just THINK of how much weight you could still lose before then? At the very least, if you sole source between now and then you could shift around 7-10 lbs .. which has got to be a good thing - and a lot better than thinking "Well, I've blown it now, I might as well carry on eating".

I'm going on holiday in just over 2 weeks time too - so if you want we can be 'holiday diet buddies' until we go away :) I'm more than happy to give you my email address if you want via PM .. but whatever you do, don't be so hard on yourself. It really isn't the end of your diet - unless YOU decide that it is .. and you don't really want that when you're so close do you? :rolleyes:

Lots of love
Steffi - You are not alone. There are so many people who are where you are so dont ever feel embarrased or a pain for voicing how you feel.

You have had some great advice - mine is to just keep trying. I have suffered with PND after my children and know it's so much harder to deal with your weight when you feel so up and down emotionally.

Keep going and dont be hard on yourself. xx
Hi Steffi,

Some absolutely good advise here already.

Gen your imagine of the suit case is one I am going to hang onto, very good!

I came across this today and I thought it a very good way of explaining what I usually call slips and slids...

A lapse is a one-ff deviation from your new eating behaviour, a relapse is many lapses over a short period of time and a collapse is a complete return to your previous eating habits.

Don't worry if you have a lapse. A lapse is a natural and accepted part of change and can be seen as an opportunity for you to learn what triggered you to slip and help you to plan to avoid a similar situation in the future.

Try to identify what triggers you to eat so that you can plan a strategy to cope next time or stop it occurring.

Triggers can be external or internal...

External triggers can be like passing your favorite fish & chip shops or your favorite bakery...if so take a different route home

internal triggers can come from being bored, lonely or feeling emotional and you get urges or cravings that can be avoided by planning to do something which is incompatible with eating, such as exercising, making a telephone call or coming on and posting here:D

Keeping a diary is helpful as I find you can see things in it when you read back over it that you may not been aware of and it can help you to identify the changes you can make and then of course you have your own personal record of your weight loss journey.

Also setting yourself mini goals that are achievable in the near future help to keep you motivated and on track.

Love Mini xxx
Many thanks to you for replying...You have all made me feel much better.

I know my problems are from within and I guess it maybe time to start letting things go instead of hanging on to them. Easier said than done for me. Guilt......I hate that word.. I always feel guilty for other peoples actions...One of my guilt trips is my daughter was raped when she was 9.....I carry that guilt around everyday as she has never recovered and I blame myself...She is 29 and has her problems, I try to help but it's never enough.....Anyway........

I have 8 weeks until my holiday....not 2 as the lovely Sharon thought....If I start on Sunday I should be able to lose at least a stone.....I don't think I can start before as me and hubby only see each other at weekends and it;s our 10th anniversary so I know I will eat and drink. So Sunday it shall be.

Once again thankyou so much for your replys.

Love Steffi X
Hi babe.
Hope you are feeling a bit better
Congrats on you 10th annaversary
Have a great weekend with hubby
then make Sunday day one.
you will get there
Ifeel a bit usless as I do not what to say
except you are so brave to share thia with us
some times it helps a little just to talk
there is always some one hear ready to listen
I will always listen even though I can not realy help.
Sending you lots of love and hugs
love libbie x
8 weeks is still a long time to lose a bit more for your holidays. And what a great place you're going to. Have a great anniversary and then you'll be ready to prepare for the hols on Sunday. Just think about those smaller sizes.
Irene xx