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Can I have sugar free gum.....???

Hiya, does anybody know if sugar free chewing gum is allowed?? I am a bit of a gum fiend and always chomping on something - now that food it out of the window would like to chew sommat!! As I have been warned of the bad breath, thought that having some Extra would help, but don't know if it would mess up the diet........... help!?
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rainbow brite

Hiya :) I don't know for sure but I have a feeling the answer will be no. I remember watching the Lipotrim vid and it saying something about how no chewing gum is allowed - it didn't mention an exception for sugar-free gum. x
Thanx for that - what a bummer!

Unfortunately I didn't see the video, which is why I'm not really sure of what's going on with the diet at the mo. I have a couple of friends who were on it, so when pharmacist asked if I knew what it was about - I said yes, so didn't get told much other than to drink lots of water and not to eat!! I will have to ask to borrow it so I can get my head around the whole ketosis thing - don't really know what it is!!

rainbow brite

Oh thanx hun - will do!! I'm still trying to get the hang of this whole forum thing, never done nowt like this before.... By the way like your signature - it's all nice and sparkly, how did you do that then?? :D

rainbow brite

Well you made the right decision when deciding to join Minimins - it's such a fantastic support network and whenever you're feeling low just log on and someone will be here to help :)

Thank you :) If you click on the xx Gem xx in my sig it'll take you to a page where you can create your own. Then you just copy the code and paste it into your signature by going via the User CP link at the top of the page. (In the blue block of links) You may have to wait until you've posted a bit more before it'll show but at least you'll know how to do it :)

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apparently gum has carbs in it that arent allowed whilst on LT but u can have listerine strips which help with the bad breath x
If you watch the LT vid, it definitely says no gum at all. However, a girl that started on LT at the same time as me has cheerfully chomped sugar free gum the whole time and this doesn't appear to have affected her weight loss at all, i.e. she has lost exactly the same amount as me and I haven't been chewing gum. x
I read somewhere that if you can't find them in any shops near you then you can buy them online :) HTH


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I've always wondered why sugar free gum is not allowed....is it because it will bring out cravings or is there some scientific reason. Its fine on Atkins...which works through Ketosis. Its never knocked me out. ummmmm they defo say no, but I suppose we shouldnt be putting spices in our soups either!


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the lipotrim video says sugarfree gum contains carbs sooooo tis a no no

i think the only things allowed are things with no calories, no fat, no carbs, no taste basically :D
:D :D Thanx muchly!! Have been having a look for the Listerine strips but no luck. Will deffo get some online.

Been very good since my little slip, determined to do it now. I got engaged on Saturday and was presented with a fantastic blingy cluster ring, just about fits my sausage finger. He he. Must start focusing on being a slim jim so I can think about a wedding!! Yippee, second time lucky!! x x :D :D :D


Lovin' those ketones!!

What an incentive, eh! Keep your dream, slinky, beautiful wedding dress in mind, and the stones will have melted away before you know it! :)

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