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can I have the meat from a chicken kebab if I weighed out the chicken?


Serena A

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The chicken might be marinated in all sorts so whilst you might be ok with it, there's an equally good chance you might not be.

I hope this doesn't come across as too harsh but I reckon you'd benefit most from sticking with CD 100% to the letter if you're worried about your weight loss being slower than you'd like (which I saw you posted elsewhere). :)

Serena A

Can't think of a title
Has your CDC given you the pink SS booklet? If not make sure you get one next time you see them as you seem to ask a lot of "can we have..." questions ;) Which there's nothing wrong with I hasten to add - we're all here to support each other - it just really helps to have all the info in front of you in one place :)
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Kebab has TONS of fat and salt, seriously. IF there's anything you shouldn't have, besides carbs, it's kebab lol..
Sometimes when I have been at work late, I have had chicken on a skewer with green salad from a kebab shop and that luckily didn't affect me. No sauce on it though! Or lemon juice.....i love lemon juice :sigh:


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When I was doing ss+ last time, I had chicken kebabs quite a few times, and it didnt effect my losses, but we are all so different, and what is ok for one may not be so for others. If you have some doubts then stick to the book.
I now use cajun spice (from the supermarket), on my chicken, and have it with lettuce and cucumber. Its really tasty


Serena's title didn't fit
If you make it yourself you can actually control the fat/salt etc.. but if you have it as takeout it will have a lot of that.

Maybe you could make yourself some :) Then you won't have to feel so left out.

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definately not allowed lemon juice.. any fruit has sugars in it.. sugar = carbs = loss of ketosis ;)

If you like quorn you get a LOT more for your calories on SS+ ;)
I have never tried quorn and there is nothing about it in the book. What is it like, what kind of quorn am I allowed and how much?

Is the kebab from kebab shop or fresh from super market? From the kebab shop they put tons of sugar and fried fat and salt and heaven knows what else on it!

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