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Can I move to Cambridge but switch to LL for management? (Merged)


Gone fishing
No idea LOL

Just out of interest though, why do you want to do the LL management rather than the CD one?

Just curious
I didn't realise there was a Cambridge one!! LOL!!

I've agreed to meet my local Cambridge cllr next Monday - she seems lovely. She said she'll tell me more about it then. Not sure why I presumed there wasn't a Cambridge one. Just scared about eating again I guess and wanted a structured reintroduction.

Maxie xxx


Gone fishing
Oh yes, there is one. It's different to LL, but just as good. Lots of us maintainers have done it. Icemoose Mike, Madam Dotty, Vicky and myself for starters...so it works.

Not that I'm trying to draw you away from LL since this is the LL forum;) But since you've decided to go that way..................
(Sorry, clicked new post not reply to post and couldn't cut and paste (too lazy to re-write!!))

Thanks for that. I would have stuck with LL happily, but my cllr quit with less than one week's notice and the new group is just about pointless. There are 15 of us and I don't have that long left. I feel I've identified most, if not all, of my issues and am working through the LL book on my own. I've been to the new group twice and, as there are people there ranging from week 3 to development and everywhere in between, I've not really got anything from it and doubt that I will do in the future. I feel like I'm wasting both cash and time and I don't really like the new cllr.

The Cambridge lady seemed lovely and really helpful and I think that Mindless, from this forum, has moved to her after having the same experience as myself. I must admit, I've only eaten three of the LL products since week 2 (now week 11) and I'm excited about trying something new!!

Thanks for the advice. Will get more info from the cllr about the management programme. Your amazing results speak for themself!
Have the meeting, see how you feel & go with your gut reaction! In terms of joining LL in management I guess thats up to the councellor but it is a business so suspect you may be able to if you wanted to, esp if you said smething like you realise you made a mistake by leavig LL!!


Gone fishing
You're welcome :) Best of luck with whichever why you find works best for you :)

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