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Can I Rewind 4 Years Please?

Hi Everyone,
My name is Ruth and i'm trying to get down to my goal weight of around 10 stones. I joined Weight Watchers when I turned 17 and lost 1.5 stone. However my leader left, and I couldn't find another group so I stopped.
I then moved in with my partner and ate everything in the fridge, it didn't affect him as he is one of those stick insect can eat anything he want types! But it affected me and I put 2 stone back on!

(& Would you believe it I work in a Leisure Club as Deputy Manager...)

Here is my reasoning:
This is me at 16 at 10 stone! When I met my partner:

This is me post Weight Watchers at 18

This is me at my Birthday just gone at 20

I always seem to get the
"Oh my God is that REALLY you? It can't be"
"Your face has totally changed shape"
"What happened? You were fit then!"

Well, thank you to those individuals who commented on me :) as you have motivated me to join Slimming World. I joined Slimming World last Tuesday and Im so pleased! I do a mixture of all 3 days- original, green and extra easy depending on my schedule! Also just started on the Bronze Fitness challenge :)
I just can't wait to see their faces when I start losing weight!


November 5th- 4 Years With Partner- 7 Pounds off
December- 3 Xmas Do's- Be Able to fit into my 2 LBD's
December 25th- 1.5 Stone off
January- 2 Stone Off
March- Center Parcs- 2.5 Stone off
May 05 2011 4.5 Years With Partner- 3.5 Stone off

Afterwards Im going to treat myself to a Holiday in Greece :)
[& maybe some new clothes ;) ]

I am incredibly motivated and committed and I am happy to encourage people to achieve their goals- I love seeing others do well!

Good luck to everyone- Im sure we will all do well :)
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My husband = My hero
hiya hunni,

welcome to the forum, im sure you will be at goal in no time!

your still beautiful even with this so called different shaped face!

This is the cambridge forum sweet, so doubt many people will be up to speed on slimming world, you might be better putting it in ther forum! you will get loads more slimming world advice etc!

good luck with your journey sweet, you will be in that LBD in no time!!!



My husband = My hero
lol its a nightmare at first!! you will get there ha xxx
I read stories like yours all the time but no matter how many times I read similar stories they always make me feel even more motivated!! So thank you for posting and making me feel super motivated. Gooooood Luck! :)
Well done! It's funny how such negative comments motivate us and when people say nice things we don't believe them! :)

Good luck on your journey!


My husband = My hero
Galaway mum you just hit the nail on the head!!! Xx

You will never be short of motivation again.
Hi Everyone,
My name is Ruth and i'm trying to get down to my goal weight of around 10 stones.
Hi Ruth, speaking of the face thing..my face has changed at lot-except for the eyes, but I think you will not only regain any youth and beauty you think you may have lost, but that your new face will have have an edge of maturity to it when you get down this time.Your beauty hasn't gone anywhere. Keep on keeping on.

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