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can it be done??? Not BY ME!! Different tack!!

Have just started back on SS for a few weeks to see if I can shift the stone and a bit that has crept on over the last 3 months!!!

Its always so much harder when you have done it before but I am determined to shift it as I do feel really uncomfortable, it makes me wonder how I ever carried around another 5 1/2 st ??? It is getting the way of me sitting down and my middle feels yeuch but before I did LL I didn't really notice the fat making me feel uncomfortable, yet now a few lbs off a healthy bmi and I feel really bloated?? How quickly I got used to feeling lighter and that is what I am missing now!!
haven't felt hungry today thought

love heidi xxx
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You're absolutely right, Heidi!

Even now, with a bmi of 24ish, I'm sitting all slumped up with my belly bulging and I just want it GONE!!!

I just don't know how I coped when I was nearly 20 stone! I couldn't carry a person weighing 9 stone now but I did it to myself all the time!! Bizarre what you get used to - both ways - isn't it!?

Well done on the fab restart btw!

join you on tuesday after hols in Iceland ............will ss on LL for rest of april hopefully xx
Well after a bloody awful nights sleep,( really hungry all night!!!!) i awake to find myself 2 lbs lighter , thankgod!!
have got college today and i know this will be at tough day so will be glad to busy!!, I have a client this afternoon so hope I have enough energy to give a good massage!!

just slurpping my toffee and walnut shake down and then off to learn remedial treatments!!! we have to wear our cossies, I so would not be doing this course if it wasn't for LL!!

hope all SS have a good day and keep to the plot!!!

love Heidi xxx
Hello Heidi, fancy meeting you here!! As you can see I have taken inspiration from you and here I am with a month to go! I've been meaning to phone you for ages to catch up - where does the time go? Iain is seriously impressed by this diet - he's never had anyone approach him for an LL medical form but if he does he'll be very sympathetic. Hope ketosis kicks in soon - you'll get back to where you were before long. I hope to get up to Lincs this summer - it'll be fun to see each other in size 12 jeans! Keep strong - you know you can do it.

Love, Anne


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S: 18st2lb C: 16st1lb G: 11st2lb Loss: 2st1lb(11.42%)
Have just started back on SS for a few weeks to see if I can shift the stone and a bit that has crept on over the last 3 months!!!

Its always so much harder when you have done it before but I am determined to shift it as I do feel really uncomfortable, it makes me wonder how I ever carried around another 5 1/2 st ??? It is getting the way of me sitting down and my middle feels yeuch but before I did LL I didn't really notice the fat making me feel uncomfortable, yet now a few lbs off a healthy bmi and I feel really bloated?? How quickly I got used to feeling lighter and that is what I am missing now!!
haven't felt hungry today thought

love heidi xxx

Hi Heidi,

I hate the feeling of being bloated and tired all the time carring so much weight around, sure it was a job in itself just doing that!

Well done for nipping it in the bud and you will be back in those skinny jeans before you know it.:)

I have just started a Reflexology course and as you said only for the diet I would never of being doing this as my weight held me back so much.

Well done on your 2lbs off!!!

Love Mini xxx
Well Hello anne,
so thrilled you have taken the plunge!!
Well done and glad Iain approves, thats half the battle having support.
Had quite a tough few months what with one thing and another and am a stone heavier than I would really like to be, although only about 5lbs over my LL finish weight!!

I have tried to go back to packs only but today being my 3rd day and a heavy day at college, I came home knackerd and starving and ate an apple!!! Of all the things to crave!! anyway have had a small stir fry for tea and am compleatly stuffed so will try again with pack during the day tomorrow, altough reflexology makes me starving ??? and thats what I have tomorrow.

look forward to conversing with you on here , its a great support and there is always someone who understands whats going down if you have a rough day ( more when you go back to food really though, and chatterbox pops up!!!)

still in my 12 just but a bit tight , fat must go!!!

Hi mini,

Where are doing your course? are you just doing reflx or other Holistic therapies too? Its such a massive subject and so much to learn, it makes my thumb hurt too, I practise the thumb walking all the time to try to develop the muscles!!!

as you have probably read I fell by the way side today, tempted my an apple!!! Thought that was for men???
But ahvent slurged and if I have another day of packs and a small evening ,meal then at least I will get there eventually!!!
Hope all is well with you.

Love Heidi xxx


fell off surfboard and sank to bottom!!! waiting for next wave and then back on hopefully!!

Love Heidi xxx


now don't you be waiting for me to join you on that there wave - waves are unpredictable and may not come when you want them to!
In perspective - its an apple and some stir fry - not chocolate - come on lass - jump back on and go for the ride of success
Love you lots
fat friend [me - not you]
I wondered how long it would take you to find me out!!!

not waiting for you but am finding today tough!!! hate day 3 always want to sleep through it, not good having day 3 on a college day either still, wont now it will be saturday instead and if i dont stumble then it will be day 7!!!

just to add to it I now have really bad indigestion and terrible wind!!!

Thank you for support mrs Big knickers, keep at me, just be careful for RC as i dont like it when she pops up!!!
If I start that game dont play with me!!!
See you friday

love heidiboo xxx


Dont worry won't play that game again - playing it with Simon - he has just thrown his fatty treat syrup cakes away - so he plays AC really well - trouble is - Fraser is going round saying "fatty treats for fat people eergh yuk"
Hope ketosis kicks in for you soon.
I have been moderate today in my eating - was craving my usual jelly babies but did not succumb!
Had chicken salad for tea and just having a craving for a skinny cow ice cream.....not decided yet!
you are doing really really well
day four - college day and took a massive choc cake in for our receptionist who is leaving to have a baby ( I made the cake) Didn't have any breakfast so did hace a peice of cake !! Not sure who made that choice, adult possibly but was more like nurturing parent (neg) , however had a salad for lunch and have had a yogurt and apple for tea so far so not too bad.
I am planning to have some porridge for breakfast in am as I have a massage client at 10 and need the slow release carbs to see me through , then I think soup and salad for supper!! Thats my plan anyway, dont know who said it but " FAILING TO PLAN IS PLANNING TO FAIL!!) so thats a new plan in itself!!! This fat has got to come off somehow!!!

Weighed again this am and thrilled to see that despite actually being in the land of food I am still 11.12 , which is good as that was what I weighed on day 3 after 2 days of packs so had expected to have gone back up but haven't so that spurs me on.!!

had my porridge for breakfast and planning on soup for lunch.
going to play a game today pretending to be a slim person not obsessed with food and see how it goes!!!
Good morning Heidi - hope you have a good day! You can do it - just take it one step at a time. I am totally obsessed with a book I got out of the library last week - starting to read it for the second time, called Eating Less by Gillian Riley. Don't know if you've come across it but it certainly clicks with me - it's about understanding food addiction and how to adopt strategies to combat it. Planning like you're doing is considered wise! I am trying to get all the concepts embedded in my brain before I start management next month. I have found myself having weird thoughts like, "2 roast potatoes is plenty" and even Iain has noticed me saying strange things. I won't buy him food like choc ices any more!

Hope the boys are OK - bet they're taller than me now. Sam has just overtaken me and Jack is catching up fast.

I so hope you can relax about this and get back into the groove- it just takes a bit of time so don't give up!

Lots of love, Anne
Hi Anne,

Book sounds good, although I am very good at buying these books and not so good at reading them, especially at the moment when i have so much college work to do, exams coming up and have a massive stress assignment to do!!! how stressful is that??

Boys are massive now, both of them as tall as me and George just about to over take!!
He has just chosen his options , can't believe it has come around so fast!! He has a girlfriend, big love ahhh!! They have been seeing each other for about 5 months now, picking out a hat soon for wedding!!! They are very sweet together and she is a young 13 (than goodness) not some big busted floosie!!! so I am not panicking yet!!!
Harry also has a girlfriend also called sophie, ahh!! they dont actually talk to each other in public just text!!!

Have you found LL easy??? for me it was really easy , never once strayed was a very addaptive child, thought I was adult but actually I am very rarely that!!!
Toaday though so far have made good choices and went out for lunch , had soup as planned and only ate half the bread and none of the butter!!! No Fatty treats so far today.
Having a jacket spud , prawns and salad for tea , got to take George out to a disco!!

When I was on SS I used to dream about sprouts and apples, how weird I never craved cake or those fab big choux buns we used to scoff!! I even used to have nightmares that I had eaten!!!

Dont worry about mangement , it is really the rest of your life so no point stressing about it, the war is never won but we can keep winning little battles, Chatterbox is never far away!!!

Speak soon

love Heidi xxx
Glad you're doing OK! Sam's just done his options too - and shocked us by choosing textiles(!). Nothing wrong with that except he's not exactly shown aptitude/interest in it before. A quick survey of friends involved in university admissions indicated he'd get away with one duff grade so that's OK. If he enjoys it...
LL has been fairly straightforward. I did find myself drooling over the canned vegetables in a hypermarket in Calais - walked straight past the choc. I'm not too bothered about management; just need to get my head in the right place - actually looking forward to cooking for myself again. We're going to my parents at Easter - haven't seen them since Christmas and they're not aware I'm on a diet so it will be fun to see their faces. My mum is excellent value when surprised! Might just squeeze into my size 12 jeans by next week - I bought them in Next in Grantham (I think) just before Iain got his job here and the move put paid to me ever fitting in them again!
Sam is in Brittany on an exchange - 2nd trip to France so far this year; 2 more to fit in plus our holiday in Corfu so will be well travelled. Jack's watching Pokemon(still!) as I write but is also into website design/game making/graphics.
Enjoy the weekend and keep making those healthy choices!
A xxx
Well, I have good news and bad news!!!

First the good news, we are going to gran Canaria on the 12th of this month for a short break, it will be hot and sunny, we are staying in an appartment with a pool and I will will have the opportuntiy to sunbathe and get a tan!!!

Tha bad news is , all of the above plus the fact that I am fatter than I want to be !!!!
We fly on the 12th of this month, if I SS until then, will I be slim enough to wear my bikini, which I happily wore last year at only a few lbs lighter???? Why do I feel sooooooo much fatter?? Why do I care, we wont see anyone we know and my husband never takes any photos of me unless he is asked to which he wont be if I am in a bikini!!!
If I do some sit ups every day between now and then , will that make any difference????

Help, what am i going to do??? I need to lose at least 7lbs of real flab befroe then and tone my wobbly belly, can it be done???
You would EASILY lose 7lbs by the 12th if you SS. I am doing a similar thing - am off to Center Parcs on 13/4 :) and last week decided I was fed up of feeling so vile :mad: and God forbid - getting into a swimsuit. Have been SSing since last Tuesday and have lost 7.5lbs:D

Go for it!!!! As for the situps - cant do anything except help can it - and combined with SSing you have bound to have an empty and flatter tummy!!!

Good luck:D
Thank you for that, I just need to get past day 3, i always fall in the evening on day 3!!! Just feel so yeuch, not hungry just weak and tired , this week however I dont have to go to college on thursday so if I can get past that then maybe I will find it easier.
Might tell myself I can have a protein meal on weds eve if I feel too bad, if I am prepared then maybe I wont "fall" onto the carbs, also havent had too many carbs this weekend so it may not be as bad!!
The other thing is if I am SS ing I can avoid the dreaded flood of chocolate that will be the "easter" weekend here.
wish i could just seal up my mouth and have done with!!!

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