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Extra Easy can some1 help with my menu pls?


Slimming for my children
i get 4 extra a's and b's as i am breastfeeding. please can u give me an idea of what else i should have please?

Breakfast :- weetabix (b) Milk (a)
Lunch :- jacket with cottage cheese and prawns with salad
Dinner :- Tandoori chicken with rice.
Desert berries in yoghurt.

Snack - SW quiche.

I need to fit in at least 2 more a's somewhere not sure what to have i can have 4 a's or b's so if anyone has suggestions please help.
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Probably too late for your lunch now but why not mix an ounce of cheese into your cottage cheese for the extra A.
Snack on some babybel or have ryvita with cheese for supper?
If you have an asda near you, you could have a wholemeal pitta with your dinner for an extr B maybe?


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you could drink more milk as healthy extra A


Slimming for my children
not tooooooooooooooo keen on milkuse it in my cereals and tea.
Had lunch lol. it was rather gross lol
Popping to tescos in a minute so may try looking there. They say i have to definitely have the a's for the calcium but then if i wasnt doing sw then i wouldnt eat anything like i am i used to live on a packet of biscuits a day lol x


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Hi Fatty no more

Have you thought about making yourself a latte or capuccino. (sin your weetabix and eat digestives with your coffee(thats probably a really bad idea bit could just drink one now with bikkies! lol )

Or make a cheese sauce with your milk and cheese and syn the flour/butter? make yourself a nice mac/cauli cheese or use it in a lasagne/moussaka (adapted to SW)

I better go before i put any terrible ideas into anyones head!!


xxx (weigh in tonight, hopefully stay the same as i have been so naughty!!)


Slimming for my children
lol thanks for that. may try the cheese thing. My sister suggested just plain cheese on toast?
Dont drink coffee i am awkward.
Good luck with weigh in i am sure its ok.


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What about using your milk later for a hot choc?

Otherwise I would second the cheese on toast recommendation :D


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Instead of berries for pudding you could have some stewed fruit (HEB), snack on some nuts/seed (not strictly a HEB on EE but under the circumstances I think it will be okay, use olive oil when doing your curry (HEB) or you could have had some soup at lunchtime instead of the jacket.

Rice pudding or milk jelly are goods way of using up any extra milk allowance. Or as others have said hot chocolate for supper.

But probably the best advice is that when choosing meals - pick HEBs rather free foods as the main ingredient. That way you'll have no problem using them up.

As an aside, you qould need to syn the quiche as you're having it as a snack, which is fine because you haven't had syns today. But there again, snacking on HEs would be a better choice.


Slimming for my children
Thanking you very muchly

i didnt think you needed to syn free food? its made of cottage cheese, egg and veggies? i have been doing this diet all wrong then :(


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No, your quiche is fine. I think Circes is maybe referring to a pasta quiche? In which case they are no longer a free food.

The quiche you have is okay.


Will be thin god dammit!!
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me too.....help!


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Oh this is an oldie but goodie thread, earlier this year SW decided that if you used a pasta in sauce to make a "free" quiche, it was no longer free as the pasta sauce wasn't being used in the correct way.

You can consume a lot of, dare I say it, calories snacking on this during the day.

That said, and after lots of emails to SW, they decided that if it wasn't affecting your weight loss then it was okay but best not to.


Will be thin god dammit!!
S: 18st3lb C: 18st3lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 41.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Ahhh i see, well it sort of makes sense ( i think)
Tbh if your only snacking on the quiche and not having it as a meal i dont think you really need the pasta in it - just my opinion x