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Can somebody explain to me


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As far as i'm aware it can happen when you loose a lot of weight quickly. However i think it depends on your skin some is quite elastic and springs back ok. Also exercising can help to tone you. In addition it could depend on how much weight you have to loose. If you have loads then could happen. But there are others on here who've lost and may be able to give you their experience. All i can say its that it can happen


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depends on how much you have to lose hun, and we have been discussing excess skin over the past few days. a couple of us have been to our GP's regarding getting the surgery done on the NHS and we have both been told that as we are losing the weight ourselves they will put a case forward to get the operation done. it will be worth talking to your GP about it so you know what the options are when you reach goal. good luck xx
Skin is more elastic than you think. Saggy skin is generally where there is still a layer of fat attached to the skin. If you decide not diet to a skeleton there may be some lose skin, which can be removed via surgery. The problem will be greatly reduced the more body fat you lose, the more you tone through exercise and the more you hydrate your skin by drinking water.


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It all depends on many things
1 your age sorry but the older you are the less elastic effect
2 have you yoyo dieted like a balloon that has been blown up it never quite goes back to it original shape
3 It doesnt matter how you loss your weight (vlcd ww sw all will have the same effect if you have a lot of weight to lose)but keeping your skin hydrated with plenty of water and some good quality mosturisers will help and some light exercise to help tone .
4 Until you have lost the weight you will not know wether you are going to be left with loose skin from reading many forums (wieght watchers slimming world ect )it does seem to be a lottery the points above are a factor but some peeps seem to be just lucky lol

You also need to wait 6 months or more for your skin to catch up with your weight loss more so when doing a vlcd

I have been left with loose skin but have to say it is NOT noticable while wearing clothes .I would much prefer this to the over hang of fat i had which was noticiable .I will now be able to enjoy my dd and my grand children .I think I may try to get a tummy tuck on the nhs but to be honest I think I may fail as I feel lucky to be given a second chance at life. Good luck with your journey mandy

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