Can someone please explain Simple start to me?

Discussion in 'Weight Watchers - Filling and Healthy' started by Angie3, 3 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. Angie3

    Angie3 Full Member


    I did weight watchers pro points before and im thinking of starting back but i see an advert for simple start, what is this. Can anyone help me out by explaining the plan to me. I am not sure whether to joining ww or slimming world. Which is easier?


    Angie x
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  3. the_last_time

    the_last_time Gold Member

    Hi Angie, I was just in this forum trying to get inspiration for simply filling & I found your post!

    Not sure if you're still after info, from what I gather it's essentially simply filling/filling & healthy and instead of your weeklies you can have up to two treats a day. I imagine within reason...otherwise mine would be a bottle of wine & large bar of dairy milk every day ;)
  4. Angie3

    Angie3 Full Member

    I like ur way of thinking lol gonna join back to ww nxt wk. R u on ww?

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  5. the_last_time

    the_last_time Gold Member

    Yes I'm on line so didn't pay any attention to simple start just carried on with pp after new year. Not that it's getting me anywhere, not doing so well!! Think I may try filling & healthy, although prob not simple start, I like too many things off list!!
  6. Flubber68

    Flubber68 Full Member

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