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Extra Easy Can u really eat as much as you want of the free food???

Ok started SW last Tuesday and am just wanting to 100% check that I can eat as much as I want of free foods eg pasta and potatos (with nothing on them) I have a pretty healthy appetite (actually I may be greedy) Just wondering does it really not matter. Just being able to eat until I am full and be on actually be on a diet seems strange!!!!! I have been really really good with only about 5 syns a day since Tuesday and don't want to go for my weigh in on Tuesday and have put on !!!
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Yes, you can. As long as you have 1/3 superfree on your plate. Also, use more of your syns. At the beginning of your journey, you should make the most of them, as they are something you can reduce later on if you stick a bit, but if you are already motoring along on the lowest level then you have nothing to play with later! They are there for a reason, make the most of them!!


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eat as much as you want - till you feel full.

if we donated 10p everytime someone said that they can't believe they lost so much considering how much they ate - there'd be a very rich charity out there somewhere.

I ate a ton of food when i first started - and - although my appetite has lessened as the weight has come off - i still do - i look at my plate and think - that it's too much - eat it all, and still loose (though trying to maintain now at target).

It isnt a licence to go out and stuff ourselves though - it's about feeling full - not gorging. but otherwise - feel free :)


One day at a time
It is difficult to get your head around the fact that you can eat as much as you need without going hungry. I had to learn when I'd had sufficient (not easy in my case :eek: but I'm coming along nicely. ;) )

Other don't always understand how it works. An example of this was when I was at a barbecue earlier. There were a couple of comments made (well intentioned) about the amount of food my OH and I had on our plates considering we were on SW.
We'd chosen carefully and picked lean meats and I'd taken my own coleslaw, recipe from SW website, but not told anyone... all said how lovely the Hot Spicy Coleslaw was and asked for ingredients. :D
We filled our plates with salad and I provided the dessert of bbq'ed bananas with ice cream (syned of course).

Love the flexibility and normality of SW. :clap:
ooooh how do u make the hot and spicy coleslaw sounds good x
Just to add don't just eat for the sake of it just because you can.
You should try to eat only when you're actually physically hungry - easier said than done though I know! X


Just doing it this time
Yes you can - but reiterating = don't gorge on food, just fill up and if you are hungry later you can always have some more free foods.

likewise the bit about mullers being free - I have been eating 3 a day (I have a very sweet tooth) - I still lost weight. Cut the 3 to 2 last week and lost 3lb's after a STS the week before and upped my Superfree foods too - you'll get used to what you body likes and doesn't like. I don't do green very often because I lose better on Red days and EE since that has come about.

AND finally - sorry to go on.

years ago I started SW and only lost a pound in my first week - this was mega unusual because I always lost 4 - 7 lb's in my first week previously (I have done this plan before you understand 'blush') ANYWAY, the consultant looked at my food diary and said 'you've had two bananas and piles of grapes and cherries every day'? - She said 'cut those out this week and replace with oranges and apples and pears' - I did and lost 7lb's the following week.



One day at a time
Hot and Spicy Coleslaw
1 large carrot
113g/4oz each red and white cabbage
113g/4oz radishes (missed this out)
113g/4oz fat free natural yogurt
1 level tbsp horseradish sauce
3 tbsp freshly chopped chives
salt and freshly ground black pepper
I added finely chopped onion and missed out the chives. (had none!)

1. Grate the carrot, finely shred the cabbage and thinly slice the radishes. Place all the vegetables into a bowl and mix.
2. Mix the yogurt, horseradish sauce, chives and seasoning, add to the bowl and mix.
3. Cover and chill for 30 minutes before serving to allow the flavours to develop.

We loved this coleslaw in a jacket potato with our bbq meat and salad. We didn't even feel deprived when we saw the others loading theirs with Lurpak. :D

I hope you like it too Valerie. ;)

Edited to add: serves 4
1/2 syn on all plans. ;)
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I've been puzzling over this too - but this week I ate a LOT and lost 5.5 lbs. My take on it (and I've only been doing it for six weeks), is that it's the eating one third of super-free food at every meal that is the key to weight loss. So for the gal eating 18 muller lights a day - maybe she should have tried chopping up an apple in one muller light to follow that guideline?

I also think - and I could be wrong - but with weight watchers all food was 'equal. So I would end up eating the chocolate synthetic diet food rather than a banana, because dearie me, bananas are high in calories etc. But actually, eating loads of fruit and veg is making me feel wonderful, and it has to be easier for the body to digest and not gain weight on than synthetic diet food or chocolate. I'm not sure, but I am finding it astonishing how well it works.

Also, I'm finding it psychologically very freeing. Because I can eat as much as I want, I'm gradually eating less and less because I know I can have more at any time. That's important to me too - and fits in with what I understand is the best chance of losing weight for good, which is to make a permanent change to the way you see food rather than seeing this as a temporary fix.


One day at a time
Also, I'm finding it psychologically very freeing. Because I can eat as much as I want, I'm gradually eating less and less because I know I can have more at any time. That's important to me too - and fits in with what I understand is the best chance of losing weight for good, which is to make a permanent change to the way you see food rather than seeing this as a temporary fix.
That's exactly what I'm finding, too. Couldn't agree with you more! ;)
Hey everyone thanks very much for the advice. I lost 6lbs in the first week and get weighed for the second time this Tuesday. I am obviously not expecting such a high loss this week but am loving this plan. I am eating so much fruit and vegetables that I have so much more energy already. Go me :)
I find I am not as hungry due to having to think about what to eat. For instance lunch at work ,used to be a calorific sandwich then when I got home I would grab a slice of bread, slab of cheese and a couple of biscuits whilst cooking tea. Now I have a huge portion of rice salad etc and I am not hungry whan I get home. I make my lunch the night beforeso as not to buy a quick sarnie. My lunches are getting quite a few comments about how lovely they look and smell LOL. Nobody believes I am dieting:-0
ooooh thanks for the recipe crumble sounds loverly i will be trying it today :)
I am eating loads as well I think I'm eating too much, because I am eating even when i'm not hungry, but then I always have hence the fat lol, I.e this morning I had a massive breakfast of eggs mushrooms and tomatos was stuffed but still had a nectarine because I can?? But then before I would of had 6 weetabix tons of sugar and then had a bag of crisps because I can, I'm hoping my appetite will balance the longer I stick to this,
I find snacking is the answer to not stuffing yourself at mealtimes, having a couple of pieces of fruit and a muller mid morning means I won't be starving come lunchtime. I will have more fruit or veggie sticks in the afternoon or maybe a couple of Alpen light bars. Snacking also keeps your metabolism going so you don't get highs and lows. :)
This is the only bit of SW I just cant swallow (excuse the pun!). I started this week but wasnt happy so I went to look up the correct portion sizes adviced by...clever people...I think I found on the Waitrose website that 75g is a serving of pasta or rice so now I stick to that. Also I try not to have rice for lunch then pasta for tea.
I guess its all common sense!

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