Can we use tetras to make the mousse?


You can make mousse from either of these. As they are 200mls already you do not need to add water, if fact they take a little longer to set 20 - 25 mins.

The bonus of these is as they are a pre made product you can divide the mousse once whisked up into two and save a portion for later. I find a whole tetra mousse too filling.

If using the banana bliss when it is set if you sprinkle a little nutmeg on the top it tastes just like egg custard tart, I have checked with CD HQ that the little bit of nutmeg will be okay providing its not until third week when ketosis is well and truly established.

Ummmmm Banana & Nutmeg custard!!! Sounds lush!! :p
It really is sooooooooooo lovely.

Another good dessert when on 1000 plus. Put six grapes, six sliced strawberries, few raspberries in a largish dish, whisk up strawberry mousse or banana mousse allow to set then slice half banana on top.

You should get 2/3 servings from this and it is only 1 pack of diet and only a little of the allowed fruit.
They are lovely!!!

Thanks Linda, will have to give the nutmeg a go as it sounds nice.

Love Mini xxx
Keep meaning to try this - a friend of mine says they're absolutely gorgeous - she always uses a little water to swill the carton out 'cos she can't bear to miss any of it ;)

Just one question - do you use just one scoop of mix a mousse to make them ??