can you drink still water on the first day od ssing


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No bars for the first 2 weeks on CD.

As long as it is just water you can drink still, soda or fizzy bottled water. Water flavourings are also after the first 2w weeks. Some people buy perfectly clear etc .... just check it has no citric acid in it and it ususally has malic acid instead.


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thanks for the replys, I am on CD, I don't know why I am feeling it hard this time, I did CD last year and lost three stones and kept it on, but slowly at the end of the year it started to pile on, so that is why I am on it again.

The kids are at home on hoildays so I have no rountine, finding it really hard to get through water, some how the tap water taste funny, don't know why,


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Hi Kiran

Have you tried heating the water up a bit, I find drawing the tap water then adding a bit of boiled water from the kettle.. Or filling a big bottle and just sitting it on the radiator until up to temp.. it's much easier to drink when it's not freezing cold!


S: 12st7.0lb G: 10st5.0lb
yeh that sounds good, I think I will fill a big bottle and put in the living room it is alway warm there.

Thanks for all the advice guys...