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Can you help???

I'm in my 2nd week of ss+ the 1st week I lost 1lb....little disheartyening and I dont feel like im doing much better. I'm following it to the book but feel miserable as though im failing. I was advised by my CDC that a can of zero calorie coke wud be fine, so have done this on occassions. I know im not in ketosis because I am very hungry. Do I need to SS it again to get back into Ketosis?? x
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I've always done SS+ and have got into ketosis doing it. Ketosis can reduce your hunger, but not always, so you may be in ketosis without knowing it. Even if you're not, you'll still lose weight if you stick to the plan 100%. You'll probably find that after not losing much last week you'll have a really good loss this week. Don't lose heart, you will lose the weight. It's just your body and the scales ganging up on you to test your resolve. Don't let the pesky blighters win, you will lose the weight.


is going to do this!
Did you do too much exercise? (ie gained muscle) Drink enough water?
Coke Zero can take people out of ketosis if you're carb sensitive, so I'd suggest steering clear of it to be on the safe side. I'm sure you'll have a much bigger loss this week, just stick with it and stay away from the coke. After next week you can have water flavourings if you're finding that bit hard.
If you feel you're not getting the results you want on SS+, opt for SS. I'm following SS and it is easy to stick to once you are in the swing of things.
Good luck and I hope you get the result you want next week. I've seen people on here with 1 or 2 lb loss in the first week, and then sometimes around 7lbs in the second week. I don't want to get your hopes up by saying that, but the average weight loss on CD is a stone per month, so that would suggest you'll have a bigger loss next week or the week after.
Good luck! :) xxx


I would cut the coke zero sweetie - it can trigger craving in some people, although its "zero" calorie and sugar. It might not be real hunger - might be coke hunger.

Other than that, well done! 1lb off is 1lb closer to goal!
Ha ha....thank you guys. I did SS for 4 weeks and to be honest started to enjoy it because it was routine, 9killed my social life) but I eenjoyed knowing what I was putting in my mouth. As my BMI is now 'healthy' im not allowed to SS it. So I will stick to chicken and veg. 4 days until weigh in and we'll just see. x


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just wanted to say your doing fab. I too what say perhaps try and cut out the coke zero and see what happens. and also exercise sometimes doesnt work in our favour...
Chin up your doing fab x

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