Canntt do itt


Glug Glug Glug
Drinking all this water..

Im cold ALL the time, my bladder has taken a huuge disliking to me and sends me up and down those bloody stairs.
And everyone must think ive got some sort of incontinence problem at college.

No wonder my losses are low or basically none existed!

Also, sorry for not being such a good poster, every time i start writing or replying to a post my not so angelic daughter throws a gorgeous tantrum!

Naughty me - but i am lurking!

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Yorkshire Adam

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you will get used to the water

i struggled at first now it just goes down like .... well water i guess


I will be skinny again!!!
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I find it easier if i carry arround a 1 litre bottle, I just sip it and dont even notice how much im drinking til its empty :D


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i feel your pain hun. My toilet is upstairs too...argh! LOL. I reckon going up and down the stairs is good for us ;)

Just try and keep warm in the evenings - wear more layers - have a blanket handy!


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Hi Mellum
Listen your on the plan and have lost 11 lbs in 3 weeks thats not to be sniffed at
I may have lost 22lbs in the same 3 week period but I have a hell of a lot more to lose than you
Youve lost 34% alread wheras I have only lost 30% so your doing better than me
Stick with it and despite the cold hands and regular toilet trips you are doing fantastic
Dont jack it in now as you will regret it
Give it 3 more weeks and I assure you that you will feel differant

I wear a hat indoors and extra layers indoors
I evan wear thermals for bed - very sexy
I went to see a rugby match and had 5 laters on a neck scarf a head warmer thing and hat / gloves
Your not taking the fuel on board to keep you warm but your body is a fat burning Ketosis machine that is shedding pounds
Get some gloves on make yourself a hot drink and then get snuggled up in bed and watch the TV
I used to saty up into the early hours every night and would often wake up at 3am etc on the sofa
Now im off to bed earlier than my kids as I dont think about food or alcahol in bed
In fact its 8.55pm and im off to bed to watch Hustle
Remeber another 3 weeks and you will be a differant person

Good Luck - You won't need it im sure

Look forward to you future posts bragging about how fantastic you are doing and how wonderful you feel for not giving up




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hoodies get me through it and so does hot water, you will be ok

rainbow brite

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Hey hey hey sweetie!! I know the water drinking sucks but you can count coffee and tea towards it so drink em up and keep snuggly :) Also, whereabouts in Plym are ya? xxx


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Peppermint tea with sweetner also helps - I find it difficult to keep drinking the water but the tip about the litre bottle to sip out of is a good one - you really don't notice so much!


Glug Glug Glug
Aww thanks for the support guys, much appreciated! Will be more determined to get that water down.
I cant drink coffee with out milk or sugar, but im developing a taste for black tea, so that should keep me going when my fingers are about to fall off.

And rainbow, hey! Good to see you back ^^, im in the plmpton area, how about u? x