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Cant believe i can have a take away and its allowed



This is my year!
I've had fish from the chippy

I removed the batter, had the fish with sw chips lots of salad SYN FREE

With 28g of batter it's 2.5 syns for the whole meal.

Loving SW

Chicken tikka masala is indeed 14.5 syns on a red and ee day. Only problem with that meal though is that there isnt any 1/3 superfree foods. It can be done within the syn limit though! Hope you enjoyed it :)
I'm quite surprised at that. I thought that dish would have a lot more syns than that! :confused:

From a proper take away??

Did you add some veg to make it EE??
Thats what its synned as in my book have to be careful with the weight though as not all takeaways are the same size portions. I often have an Indian meal but usually go for lower synned ones than that yum yum


Would love a cream bun!!
I have a Chinese every Thursday after weigh in night as 'treat night' and have chicken in black bean sauce (5syns) and mushroom or plain chow mein (free!) :) Sometimes I do some extra veg to go with it but as it's 'treat night' I sometimes have a couple of prawn crackers too haha!! ;) SW is fab isn't it xxx

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I think I got mine from a mag I write them down in a notebook i keep for recipes
Serves 4 half syn on EE
marinade 1.5lbs of skinless chicken in fat free natural yog and 2 tablespoons tikka masala powder (overnight if poss)
dry fry a large grated onion until soft (use fry-lite if needed) add 4 cloves crushed garlic and a finely chopped deseeded red chilli, 1 tsp ground ginger 2 tbsp tikka powder, fru 2-3 mins - add 2tbsp tom puree and 8fl oz water bring to boil reduce the heat add 5tbsp fat free fromage frais simmers for 15 mins - cook the chicken (grill/dry fry/oven) combine the 2 (I often add mushrooms/peppers etc)


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In my seventh week I went out for a chinese meal. I had singapore vermicelli (spicy noodles and veg) and spring rolls with sweet and sour and still lost 5lbs that week, I saved syns for it but still...who said you have to eat lettuce to lose weight eh :D

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